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Of misdirection There are always multiple characters that are candidates Quicklet on Bill Brysons A Walk in the Woods for the bad guy each with a credible motive As the story progresses you keep changing your mind as to the identity of the killer There are many reoccurring characters story linesrom previous books are continued There are shifting alliances many are many reoccurring characters story lines Nanny Oggs Cookbook from previous books are continued There are shifting alliances many agendas not all of the old crew will survive theallout The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library from this case Unlike many authors Nesbo doesn t shy awayrom bumping off a beloved characterTension slowly builds as we wait to see who will be the next target you ll consider homicide yourself if anyone tries to come between you this book Once you re in its grip it s compulsive reading because you have to know how it all shakes out Intricate plotting sharp dialogue compelling characterswhat s not to like You become completely invested in these people want to see them get what they deserve The Barbarous Years for better or worseI wanted to add a note about the translation Sometimes when a novel is converted to English it has a slightly awkwardlow that reminds you it was originally in another language Not so here Don Bartlett has done a The Mountain and the Valley fantastic job maintaining the voice of each character the wry dark gallows humourThis is thriller writing at its best with an intense pace jaw dropping twists If you haven t read this series before don t start here Get theirst one Each subseuent book is all the richer as you get to know the histories of each character their relationships What a pleasure After Phantom s amazing twist hanger I was almost delirious with glee and trepidation when I heard the next Harry Hole book Police was coming outSo was my anticipation satisfiedYes however not in the way I expected Police is a weightier tome than other Hole novel s and thusly the length of the novel evokes tension as a slow burn rather than a The New Patrol furious action packedeast While perhaps less immediately exciting Nesbo plies us with a smorgasbord of corruption deeply disturbing villains and tormented decisions Unlocked (Forbidden Fruit, from our main characters which had my nervesraying to the point of madnessNesbo has a talent Pony Tails Collection (Pony Tails, for taking crime thriller tropes and twisting them into deranged scenarios than leave most other authors behind as cliche peddlers While it takes time to warm up to this book it is definitely worth it The end perhaps not as shocking as the Phantom Ieel will stick in heads or a while yetAs to

A Aforementioned Twist Hanger 
aforementioned twist hanger t expect ireworks and or huge magical reveals Expect ambiguity and sneaky obliue plotting that keeps you guessing throughout the novel I admit I was hoping All the Rage for a dramatic conclusion to the events at the end of Phantom but what Nesbo presents is cool in its own wayOverall Police reads differentlyrom other Oslo Seuence books Longer and nuanced expect a The Armadillo Whisperer familiar level of violence but Nesbo revs up the psychological and sexually perverse aspects of crime Ultimately creating a novel that is disturbingly original with just enough light to satisfy. Icidios en Oslo Su empeño e intuición han salvado decenas de vidas Sin embargo ahora ue un temible peligro acecha incluso a su círculo más íntimo Harry uizá no pueda protegerlesNI SIUIERA A SÍ MISM. Depiction of Oslo and its society and politicsascinating And I did read every last bit of The Police I just wish I didn t spend so much of the time eeling manipulated and as if Nesb had been relying on "tricks and set pieces than heartfelt storytelling In this 10th book in the Harry Hole series a "and set pieces than heartfelt storytelling In this 10th book in the Harry Hole series a killer is targeting police officers The novel can be read as a standaloneA serial killer in Oslo has a bizarre agenda Time after time the murderer lures A Cop To The Cop To The to the of an unsolved crime then viciously kills himher in a manner somehow connected to what originally happened thereHarry Hole is not available to assist the investigation so other members of the crime suad have to pick up the slack as best they can This includes Harry s ormer boss Gunnar Hagen the team leader Katrine Bratt a clever intuitive detective Beate Lonn who has a The Zom-B Chronicles freakish ability to remember everyace she s ever seen and Stale Aune a psychologist who s determined to give up police workMeanwhile there s plenty of other police stuff going on in this thriller A cop guarding the hospital room of a comatose patient is too easily distracted by attractive nurses and odd noises A police academy student becomes infatuated with her professor and determined to seduce him Mikael Bellman the new police chief is as corrupt as they come and anxious to hide his previous crimes Thus Bellman had to suspend his sidekick the murderous Truls Berntsen because of an unexplained Poems fat bank account that might draw attention to Bellman Ironically Berntsen spends hisree time stalkingobsessing over Bellman s beautiful wife To top it off the drug dealer Valentin thought to be dead seems to be on the loose and is suspected of being the cop killer Almost everyone in this book seems to be a potential victim including civilians close to the crime suad This is a gripping story with How to Walk (Mindfulness Essentials, fascinating characters gruesome crimes and surprising twists Very good bookYou canollow my reviews at Rarely give out 5 stars but this is a no brainerEvery time I read one of Nesbo s books I am struck again by just how good he is The previous book ended with Harry being shot by Oleg the young man he helped raise son of the woman he loves This one opens with a comatose patient lying in a hospital bed under police protection If he could speak he d have a A Sisters Secret few things to say about a couple members of theorce one currently under suspension the other the new chiefIt s been months since the shooting Harry s old crew have moved on without him Someone is killing police officers involved in old cases that were never solvedThat s all I ll say about the plot or 2 reasons First it s so complex as to be almost impossible to summarize when you could be reading the book instead of this review Second I don t want to spoil any surprises Part of the joy in reading these books is trying to guess what happens next Suffice to say just as you think you know what s going on think againNesbo is a master. Ejecuciones extremadamente precisas La alarma mediática roza la histeriaPERO HARRY NO PUEDE AYUDAR A NADIEDurante muchos años el detective Harry Hole ha liderado todas las grandes investigaciones de hom. I know I am a sucker or a Harry Hole book but this one has to be the best yet I simply could not put it down Nesbo spends most of the book playing mind tricks on the reader And Even In The Last Chapter He Gives Things A even in the last chapter he gives things a twist that has you sitting on the edge of your seat Multiple murders multiple murderers and the loss of some very unexpected people make it completely enthralling There are things I would like to say but at the same time I do not want to give anything away that might spoil other people s enjoyment You need to read this book knowing nothing about it except that it is really really good Interesting plot line marred by too much gimmickry and manipulationA killer is targeting police officers specifically officers who were involved in the investigation of unsolved murders The killer lures an officer to the scene of the previous crime and kills the cop in a way similar to the original murder The investigators believe that if they can only igure out the killer s motive maybe they can Cat Dog find this relentless killer who has left themew if any other cluesMeanwhile a man lies in a coma in a heavily guarded hospital room Newly appointed Oslo police chief Mikael Bellman worries about what the man might reveal if he ever returns to consciousnessNesb sets up three main suspects in the police murders and spends most of the book manipulating the reader into thinking it s X then Y then Z He also tries to generate manipulating the reader into thinking it s X then Y then Z He also tries to generate by putting characters in apparent danger cutting away to another scene and then returning to the danger scene uite often the danger scene turns out to be not at all dangerous because the mysterious threat is now revealed to be a Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt friend or co worker Nesb alsoreuently makes a situation seem threatening by not telling the reader who a character is just referring to him as he so that the reader thinks the worstThese gimmicks to gin up excitement and A Walking Tour of the Shambles fear in the reader are soreuent and obvious that it becomes like the Real Fast Food fable of the boy who cried wolf After he s done it aew times the reader recognizes the gimmick and just wants to get through the sceneThere is a broader repetition in Nesb s writing He repeats certain key characters places in Harry s life and plot developments involving those key characters Life Story from earlier books to this book I can t say without being spoiler y but if you ve read the early books in the series you ll spot it In Nesb s serial killer books I alsoeel like the killer s voice is virtually identical An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia from book to book Nesb s writing in the non serial killer books like Phantomor example is Purebred (Saddle Club, far stronger and engagingMaybe I expect too much of this series now up to 10 books I started reading it when The Redbreast wasirst published in the US and have read every book in the series except The Cockroaches After this long with a series I The Technical Delusion feel I know Harry his colleagues enemies and very small circle of loved ones and I welcome reading about them I alwaysind the. LA POLICÍA NECESITA A HARRY HOLEUn asesino patrulla las calles de Oslo Están muriendo agentes de policía Los matan en los mismos lugares donde se cometieron crímenes ue ellos no pudieron resolver Son. .
Politi author Jo Nesbø