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Read and just in time for everyone getting in the mood for Winter Olympics 2018Will is a hockey player on his second time around to the Winter Games He is playing for the US team and enjoying the social life the Olympic games village provide He met Amber Sloane last time he went but she was shy reserved and totally focused on her figure skatingAmber has sacrificed her entire life for parents skating ambitions She is focused and determined to make them proud and bring home the gold this year because it will be her last year to compete in the Olympics She doesn t know what the future will bring but she is ready to start finding out what she really wants out of lifeWhen her roommate convinces her to go out to party with her fellow athletes Amber runs into Will and his irresistible ways Will and Amber make the perfect couple during the games its what comes after that has them worriedI ve been with Burton from the start of her Play by Play series and I have to say that I m loving the transition this series has taken from a erotic romance to contemporary sports romance She is writing characters with genuine heart real life circumstances and dreams and is truly rocking it Don t get me wrong we still get that steam but its steam with a deep character connection If you are looking for a great contemporary sports romance check out Jaci Burton s Shot on GoldI received this ARC copy of Shot on Gold from Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review Shot on Gold is set for publication Feb 13 2018My Rating 4 starsWritten by Jaci BurtonSeries A Play by Play Novel Seuence in Series Book 14Paperback 352 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date February 13 2018ISBN 10 0399585168ISBN 13 978 0399585166Genre Contemporary Sports Romance Noble for 4 StarsARC provided by Berkley When you find that person you want to be with you ll move mountains to make it work Amber Sloane is a 24 yr old US figure skater from Long Island She s in Vancouver for the international games and is competing for her third and final time This is her last chance and her time to shine She s worked hard and is ready to win the gold She feels this is going to be her year Amber is an introvert and has never made time for friends Her whole life has been skating She s been nder so much pressure to train perform she never has any fun She decides this time at the games she s going to let go put herself out there She goes to a party and meets a gorgeous guy named Will Madigan Will Madigan is a hockey player on the US hockey team He s from Chicago plays for the St Louis Ice hockey team This is his second time competing in the Winter Olympics Will meets a beautiful figure skater named Amber is extremely intrigued by her He wants to get to know her better and they begin spending a lot of time together They really enjoy hanging out and soon things turn physical between them They are both competitive athletes who have a burning desire for gold one another When it s time to go home will they decide it was just a fling or will they try for something The man could take her breath away in the best way possible She d never felt this ndeniable zing of attraction like she did with Will All he had to do was look at her and she felt his gaze like a caress all over her body There s this beauty in the way she moves that I can t even describe It s like you know when you go to a museum and see something like a painting or a sculpture that makes you stop and stare You to a museum and see something like a painting or a sculpture that makes you stop and stare You t know what it is that s getting to you about it It s just so goddamn beautiful you can t help yourself You have to stare at it That s Amber This was my first Jaci Burton book I really enjoyed it It was a fun sexy read I really loved Will Shot on Gold by Jaci Burton was the fourteenth book in the Play by Play seriesUSA Olympians Will Mad Dog Madigan hockey and Amber Sloan figure skating met in Vancouver as they were seeking the coveted Gold medal in their sport They were both competitive dedicated hard working committed and nderstood each other s drive I enjoyed reading this story as we are currently experiencing a Winter Olympics in real lifeNot only did Burton highlight the meeting and relationship development between Amber and Will but she had multiple secondary storylines running simultaneously For example we experienced Amber s reluctance to avoid seclusion as she prepared for her events She had always been taught to avoid making friends and to stay focused by not forming her events She had always been taught to avoid making friends and to stay focused by not forming bonds while competing Burton also demonstrated Amber s struggles with a controlling mother one who made many sacrifices throughout the years and couldn t Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding uite givep the control We were also blessed with details for pursuing Gold within both hockey and figure skating It s never an easy road and it was an enjoyable read to get the various challenges and ranges of emotion involved during each stage of the respective Olympic eventLastly Burton had a great supporting cast through the involvement of other athletes I enjoyed the camaraderie and appreciated that it wasn t hateful drama but was a healthy competitive streak amongst friendsAll in all it was enjoyable and entertaining I m not sure where book fifteen will take Understanding Yandere Lovers us but I m a fan of the series and can t wait to see where Burton leadss next This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Shot On Gold is a story I have been looking forward to SO much especially when it was published around the time of the Winter Olympics so it was simply perfect I have adored every book I have read so far in this series Jaci Burton has such a lovely writing voice and it shows in her books In Shot On Gold we have a pairing of a hockey play as our hero and a figure skater as our heroine and boy they rock this book out Besides you haven t even seen my. En he meets US figure skater Amber Sloane She's beautiful ambitious and driven everything Will desires in a woman He would love to show Amber how hot life off the ice can beAmber has skated her entire life sacrificing everything in the hopes of one day winning gold Now she's competing for the third and final time She intends to win and nothing. Burton doesn t cut any corners here and delivers a fabulous read for her readersRead this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction Things are heating Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand up on the iceI couldn t wait to start the latest read in his hockey centered series This time out was aniue outing as hockey elite met ice skating royalty in a romance set within the Vancouver Olympic GamesWill played professional hockey and Amber s whole life had been dedicated to skating Each knew the dedication and work that went into performing at that level but the games were an o Reviewed for herding cats burning soup eat They skate They fuckWhat s not to love lolThe Gist The Olympic Winter Games A sheltered figure skater deciding to have a little fun for a change and setting her sights not only on winning a gold medal but snagging some sheet time with one of the hockey gods who s always the life of the party MmhmOh yes These two were adorable An extrovert and an introvert The life of the party and the wall flower Vastly experienced and pretty damn innocent I loved the differences between Amber and Will and that it actually worked well They fit each other They re both extremely hard working dedicated ambitious I loved seeing her come out of her shell Stand Brothers up to her mom making friends gaining some experiences in life And I loved seeing him settle down a bit from his previously slutty ways He s a good guy and incredibly caringNow the heat Yeah Amber might have been rather innocent at the start of things but these two fuck like bunnies And it s seriously hot And creative now and againI just had a good time with this one I don t think I ve read one set at the winter Olympics before so that was rather entertaining The village the athletes live in the time with teammates and rivals practicealifications the pressure of winning and dealing with potential losses It was exciting and damn if by the end I wasn t just as nervous as them over whether they d win gold or not lolAll in all Shot on Gold was delicious sporty romantic fun It ll leave you smiling and maybe thinking about tracking down a hockey player all your own This sed to be my favorite contemporaryerotic romance series But after 14 books the series has sort of lost its luster for me Compared to the first five or so of this series the last few have paled in comparison While this was a perfectly fine romance between two athletes one a figure skater one a hockey player going for the gold in the Olympics it just didn t have that zingThe hero hockey star Will seemed like a great guy Friendly charming handsome sexy and with no real baggage The heroine Amber was competing in her last Olympics and it was her final chance for the gold Under her ber controlling mom s guidance she never really was encouraged to make friends or have much of a life beyond skating But this time at the Olympics and at the ripe old age of 24 she s determined to make her own decisions She wants to have fun enjoy the whole Olympic experience make friends and lose her virginity YeahNot much conflict in this story Amber and Will hit it off as friends and later lovers Amber and Will have a blast in between their competitions hanging with friends and spending time together in and out of bed Feelings develop on both sides but is spending time together in and out of bed Feelings develop on both sides but is just
two week fling or could be a possibility for Like I said a perfectly fine romance but not much conflict I kept reading to see how it would turn out Was I wowed like I was by The Perfect Play Changing the GameTaking a Shot or Playing to Win Not really But maybe I ve been spoiled3 12 stars ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley Shot on Gold is the 14th book in the Play by Play series and it has everything I like in a sports romance First is the winter Olympics and it highlights both figure skating and men s ice hockey Second is a hot romance between two athletes who weren t looking for love but ended p finding their one love will mad up finding their one love Will Mad Madigan is returning for a second time to win gold and tries to balance his focus on his sport and having fun Amber Sloane is also returning for the third and last time to have a shot at gold after winning both bronze and silver medals When Amber s roommate introduces them there is instant chemistry and both are interested in pursuing itI thought this story had a nice balance between the sports action and the development of a romantic relationship between the two main characters Knowing that this is her last competition Amber is going to make the most of it and pushes herself to attend parties leave the village and make friends with her fellow competitors And if all goes as planned she might even be able to do a little sexual exploration and take care of a little thing I liked this character because she was so confident as an ice skater but was a little bit of an introvert especially around good looking guys like Will She was real and her emotions felt real She couldn t get any luckier when she met Will Will is too good to be true and one of my favorite characters in this series He worked hard and played when he could He challenged Amber and took her out of her comfort zone I loved his honesty and his work ethic Shot on Gold was an emotional and drama filled story that highlights professional athletes at their best with a hot and steamy romance The story was everything and She brought the sports action to an exciting conclusion for both Amber and Will which added a little suspense to the ending The author tied p all the conflicts and a there is a heartfelt ending for Amber and Will Jaci Burton delivered another well written contemporary romance with likeable characters and an engaging story Good news is that you can read this as a stand alone If you have kept La muralla verde up with the series you get a fewpdates from previous characters and they are nice surprises I d be amiss if I didn t mention the cover Gorgeous Hats off to Jaci Burton for this wonderful sports series Shot on Gold is a completely fun. In the new Play by Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Final Score opposites attract when a figure skater and hockey player lace p their skates and go for the goldWill Mad Dog Madigan is making his second trip to the Winter Games and he couldn't be happier Hockey is his life and playing for the US team is a privilege Th. ,
Long program yet Now that s packed with some sizzle He leveled her with the wicked desire in his gaze Babe you haven t seen my long program yet either Trust me I m packing some heat too So it begins when Will Mad Dog is to be on the USA Hockey Team for the Olympics so he heads to Vancouver early to get as much time on the ice as possible And in the early days he meets p with Amber Sloane who is a figure skater Will has never had much interest in figure skating Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller until he meets sweet and lovely Amber who is graceful and endearing Will has metp with plenty of women over the years but Amber is a bit different for him he has a connection with her he hasn t felt beforeAmber has only had one focus in her lifeto be a professional figure skater with her mother riding her hard and leaving no room for a social lifeAmber has no idea what its like to be around friends or to go on a date or even have sex But this is her final year at the Olympics and even though her goal is to get the Gold Medal she also wants to live life to the fullestmake friends and have hot sweaty sex with Mad Dog Will Amber starts to deal with some conflicting emotions and she has to face Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. up to some facts about herself and where she wants to go and what she is willing to fight for Amber is the type of heroine that I just admired She is so focused on her career and is very talented but she has let other things in her life slide though And we see her learning to truly enjoy living life for the first timeYou re the sweetest woman I ve ever met You always think of other people You re thoughtful insightful and smart And smart women are sexy as fuck You re also the sexiest woman I ve ever knownThe relationship that Will and Amber have together is simply so loveable I love how they really just hit it off veryickly they become good friends pretty much on their first day and boy the sexual tension is off the charts in this one I loved how they don t jump in the sack on the first day Will knows that Amber hasn t been with anyone other than her vibrator and so he wants to take his time with her I was so on board with their relationship because they just click I liked that they have such an interest in each other outside the bedroom that they REALLY like each other on a emotional level tooWe get the chance to cheer both of them on and their group of friends as they fight for their chance to win a chance at the Gold Medal and seeing all their hard work pay off in the end Truly these moments were so poignant at times and just made me smile and tear Children of the New World up at the same time I loved the emotion that Burton displays in this story because I swear I was crying at moments that I didn t expect to When you find that person you want to be with you ll move mountains to make it work This story has plenty of fun dynamics that will give you a fun fulfilled ride that you won t want to get off offull of crazy stunts the true joy of the games and a love story to curl your toes In the latest Play by Play novel Jaci Burton has moved slightly away from the realm of professional athletes and provideds a story involving Olympians I believe this is the first story I have read involving Olympic athletes so it was a nice change of pace While I don t typically watch the Winter Olympics this story coming out during the start of the games has me curious enough to take a ganderOur heroine is "AMBER SLOANE A TWENTY FOUR YEAR OLD ICE PRINCESS "Sloane a twenty four year old ice princess skater at the end of her Olympic career Amber has ate slept and breathed figure skating from a young age and she needs that gold medal to end her career with a bang But between her momager and wallflower shyness Amber seemingly has nothing in her life but skating She has no friends no experience and is hanging on to that V Card pretty late in life Fortunately Amber has decided to open p for these last games and she sets out to make friends and gain experience I liked seeing Amber soften her focus and live life for herself for a change I wish she had been assertive with her mother but I m sure old habits die hard and all of thatWill Mad Dog Madigan is A Fun Loving Hockey Player fun loving hockey player in the past was a known partier and ladies man This year he has changed his tune and hopes to actually remember some of his time at the games I thought Will s character was a good mix of flirty fun and serious athlete I liked that he didn t immediately take Amber p on her proposition that he respected her enough as a person to wait and see if they were in the same headspace I also liked that Will came from such a loving family background and he was secure enough in himself to believe in love on a grand scale It seems that the cover model and his tattoos fit Will to perfection and I always love having that visualThe romance between these two was not instalove but also not a slow burn Given that our heroine is still hanging onto her V Card the hero was somewhat reluctant to jump right in there That being said Amber transformed from virgin to vixen in a flash and once they got going they really got going Amber s directness and dirty talk was in contrast with the wallflower we see at the start of the book and was somewhat representative of the personal growth contrast with the wallflower we see at the start of the book and was somewhat representative of the personal growth was experiencing Overall I think these two were a good match and I liked them together At times the writing felt a bit forced or overly simplistic but then some Olympic interest would divert my attention and get me back into the storySo probably the most interesting aspect of this book to me was the Olympic village and all the goings on there I have never really thought about where the athletes live and mingle during the games so this part really drew me in and had me wanting While I m not a huge hockey or figure skating fan the discussion of some of the other winter sports piued my interest enough to want to check out the half pipe and slalom eventsI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher Berkle. 's going to get in her way ntil she meets Will He's an irresistible charmer and before long Amber is wondering if this sexy hockey player is the perfect guy to show her some moves outside the rinkBut after all the medals have been awarded Will and Amber will have to decide if what they have together is just a fling or a real shot at true love. ,