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With distinct life issues and personalities Esteban s father has been taken to a detention camp because he is in the United States illegally The father sends his children poetry and tells them to dream big because they are American and that means gold The threat of returning to the Dominican Republic is real and students in the artt room real and students in the ARTT room Esteban s safety net Amari has been given the talk about how to navigate life safely by his father no nerf or suirt guns because cops do not see that Amari does not think it is fair because he is an American but he wants to do well by his parents so he heeds their warnings He is a gifted artist and turns to painting to get through turbulent times We do not know much about Tiago only that he is Puerto Rican his family comes from the Bronx and that he would rather speak Spanish than English as he does at home Ashton s family moved from suburban Connecticut to Brooklyn after his father lost his job and received an offer in the city Fate had brought the six students together and throughout the school year they become close friends listening to the advice of their teacher harboring ach other Jacueline Woodson adeptly weaves together key issues that are plaguing their teacher harboring Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America each other Jacueline Woodson adeptly weaves together key issues that are plaguing of all walks of life today Haley Holly Amari Esteban Ashton and Tiago could be real adolescents who have to deal with issues like deportation police violence and parents behind bars Woodson tells these stories in a way that make them accessible to young readers and also to adult readers who might have difficulties with navigating these unprecedented times When I think of a harbor I think of immigrants passing the Statue of Liberty on their way to Ellis Island to becoming Americans Woodson had this in mind as well and she has her protagonistsngage in weekly rap sessions so that they have a safe spot to harbor their dreams on the way to achieving the dream of becoming successful Americans The year 2020 might have thrown us a curve ball but Jacueline Woodson remains a steady voice in young adult literature She reminds readers that Americans come from all walks of life and to be respectful of the differences that has made this country what it is It is refreshing to read her words and I will gladly take the time to see what she has in store for her readers moving forward 4 stars This book see what she has in store for her readers moving forward 4 stars This book EVERYTHING love family friends middle school transitions and the devastating realities faced by so many of our children in this country It brought me tears goosebumps and gratitude that I m alive in a world with people like Jackie WoodsonSeriously buy copies for your libraries and very family you know. F racial profiling and Ashton's adjustment to his changing family fortunes When the six are together they can xpress the feelings and fears they have to hide from the rest of the world And together they can grow braver and ready for the rest of their live. .

Ers that I have read and I am determined TO READ ALL OF THEM BECAUSE HER WRITING IS read all of them because her writing is good Harbor Me is the most realistic book I have read in awhile it also provides the adolescent protagonists with a respite from the crazy world around them in a safe spot that is only theirs Haley Shondell McGrath is twelve years old and about to nter seventh grade along with her best friend Holly Like most of Woodson s books Harbor
is set in Brooklyn Seventh is Unfamiliar to Haley and Holly because they just completed sixth grade in an untraditional Montessori like classroom Their school believed that if they brought together ight students who learned differently in one classroom with a dedicated teacher that they were xcel in school and transition back to a traditional classroom The ight students uickly became six Haley Holly Amari Ashton Esteban and Tiago They came from diverse backgrounds and all needed a safe space so that they could focus on their learning In Ms Laverne s fifthsixth grade classroom they learned about the arly history of New York poetry and all other subjects in a loving safe nvironment The six students still behaved like typical tweens and Ms Laverne believed that they needed an Foraging for Survival even safer place away from adults to talk freely The students would be able to harborach other to safety for the last hour of school on Friday in their own room that they dub ARTT A place to talk I have yet to find many contemporary authors who develop characters in as short a time as Jacueline Woodson Harbor Me is geared toward a young adult audience but contains characters and issues that are taken straight from the issues plaguing society today Haley is being raised by her uncle because her father has been in jail for Fragments eight years after an accident that killed his wife Haley s mother Haley is now anleven year beautiful young lady dubbed as Red to her friends and her uncle has taken on the role of both mother and father to her flawlessly Haley Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries enjoys literature and other typical adolescent activities but is a defined introvert as she keeps thevents that shaped her young life buried deep inside of her Holly is the yin to Haley s yang She talks a mile a minute and can not sit still The girls have been best friends since first grade and njoy sleepovers very week while Holly s mom Kira takes care of Haley s hair and other motherly roles that her uncle can not provide Readers can sense that the girls are the type of friends who will be there for ach other for the rest of their lives they will harbor ach other through thick and thin The girls are joined in their classroom by four boys. H no adults to listen in There in the room they soon dub the ARTT Room short for A Room to Talk they discover it's safe to talk about what's bothering them verything from Esteban's father's deportation and Haley's father's incarceration to Amari's fears Harbor MeThere is a tiny bit of story around the dges with the main character but the overall plot of the book is 6 kids sit around in a room and talk often monologue about Issues That is not a story It work OK in verse although a would still be a good thing to have but it s in prose And it s prose that keeps the impressionistic style and psychic distance of poetry so it winds up being the worst of both worlds It s a girl reminiscing about people sitting around a room talking which is distance upon distance upon distance I always felt like I was watching them talk not One Ticket To Texas evenxperiencing it from inside the room much less xperiencing anything they were talking about A good book whether it s written for a about A good book whether it s written for a YEAR OLD A NINETEEN YEAR year old a nineteen year or a ninety year old can tilt your perspective if only momentarily Consider the concept of the happy nding and what it s supposed to resemble What does a real happy Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy ending actuallyntail in real life In children s books many times the nding of a given story is happy when day is done In real life something happy may happen to a child but where s the nding in all that As an author Jacueline Woodson doesn t Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader eschew a sense of completion when you get to thend of her books Kids could spend a long time debating whether some of her Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead endings could be so simplified as to call them happy or not Harbor Me falls into that category The satisfaction a reader feels upon its completion is intrinsically tied to its writing but to call this a happy book is to diminish it Shooting for the moon Ms Woodson manages to fill this svelte title with a host of different ideas lessons and teachable moments And while I don t think it knocks it out of the park withvery swing it still manages to be one of the most interesting and well written books of this or any other yearIt sounds like Six kids A room to talk For a whole school year six kids go into a room where they are to talk to Bryozoan Evolution each other Throughout the course of this book they reveal stories about their diverse backgrounds Harbor me was great I flew through this book it is uite short but I lovedvery bit about it This is the first book of Jacueline Wood son s What a difference a year makes Last year was a nonfiction reading year for me and at Thanksgiving I read Jacueline Woodson s new novella to jump start my fiction reading in the year ahead In this year I have primarily been reading fiction to Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) escape the reality that is life in 2020 My reading has taking me to many different times and places providing me with a necessary respite from the world Then there are Jacueline Woodson s books Harbor Me is the sixth one of Jacueline Woodson's first middle grade novel since National Book Award winner Brown Girl Dreaming celebrates the healing that can occur when a group of students share their storiesIt all starts when six kids have to meet for a weekly chat by themselves wit.

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