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Menschliches AllzumenschlichesThis iece after he broke his friendship with Wagner the musician Nietzsche formerly idolized soon after he began to break away from his fondness for the romanticism of music and art This shift in attitude is strongly conveyed in this amazing work Human All Too Human As Marion Faber writes in the introduction Judging from its sour title it would certainly be a book which differed from its visionary and utopian Divide Conquer (Cut Run, predecessors Human all too human is kind of a sigh in the face of the intractability of the human material to therojects of human sublimity Indeed it is neither a critical judgment of nature nor a defense it is simply a forthright and unaffected analysis of the human condition and through the ages and stages under various To Kill A Mockingbird passions and conditions Human All Too Human is a collection of 638 aphorisms divided into nine categories in which Nietzsche reveals his observations of human nature and exposes common misunderstandings humans have regardinghilosophy religion art morality society relationships men and womenThe book is divided into nine sections 1 Of First and Last Things which deals Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees primarily with ontology epistemology and miscellaneous metaphysical concepts 2 On the History of Moral Feelings in which the author analyses the emotions and conditions that lead to the inventions and vacillations of morals and man made rules in the social contract 3 Religious Life in which he describes the different mental states and emotions revolving the humanredisposition to inventing deities 4 From the Soul of Artists and Writers in which he cynically critiues the so called Purple Death primitive euphoric states that artists and lovers of the arts undergo in this realm 5 Signs of Higher and Lower Culture in which he defines and speculates on the two 6 Man In Society in which he conducts further speculation of man in the social contract 7 Woman and Child which is a collection of aphorisms that relate to the subject of relationships marriage androgeny 8 A Look At The State in which Nietzsche describes his views on 不能犯 3 politics andower Last but not least 9 Man Alone With Himself in which he meditates and exposes man s nature as an individual One of my favorite International Adoptions parts of the book is found in the first section and it isassage number two In this Provoked Wolf (Seraphine Thomas Book 11) passage Nietzsche states that the congenital defect of thehilosopher is a lack of historical sense Nietzsche states that Everything the Shadows (Craig Burch, philosopher asserts is basically no than a statement about man within a very limited time span They will not understand that man has evolved that the faculty of knowledge has also evolved while some of them evenermit themselves to spin the whole world from out of this faculty of knowledge The Benedict Arnold philosopher sees insticts inresent day man and assumes that they belong to the unchangeable facts of human nature that they can to that extent The Reluctant Queen (Queens of England, provide a key to the understanding of the world in general This entire teleology isredicated on the ability to speak about man of the last four thousand years as if he were eternal the natural direction of all things in the world from the beginning But everything has evolved there are no eternal facts nor are there any absolute truths Thus historical Primitivism and Identity in Latin America philosophizing is necessary henceforth and the virtue of modesty as well This is very significant not only to the entire branch of metaphysics but also as an introduction to the book because Nietzsche admits that in the human condition that he has in common with the rest of us even the most seemingly insightful speculations are based only on what we can see of the iceberg namely only about as far back as four thousand years from which we have found some evidence The rest of our history is merely suspicion and nobody canossibly ascertain what the behaviors and thoughts were back then Worse even that most Mirror of Heaven (Wildworld, people do not even study the history that is available to us and judge everything based on the even shorter time span that they know which can be a couple of centuries or not even that the simple minded unread judge only by their own timeeriod In conclusion to this realization one must accept that there are no absolute truths for the truths do not last than a few centuries at most They always change along with human whim and evolution of the mind and tasteOne of my favorite sections is the last one Man Alone With Himself because Nietzsche The Art Of The Order #AUTHOR#Kirk Ellis#END# provides insightful musings on the natural state of the individual and his motivessychology etc Some of my favorite After Us (Before After, passages are as follows483 Enemies of truth Convictions are dangerous enemies of truth than lies484 Topsy turvy world We criticize a thinker sharply when heroposes a tenet that disagreeable to us and yet it would be reasonable to do this when we find his tenet agreeable489 Not too deep People who comprehend a matter in all its depth seldom remain true to it forever For they have brought its depths to the light and then there is always much to see about it that is bad490 Idealists delusion All idealists imagine that the causes they serve are significantly better than the other causes in the world they do not want to believe that if their cause is to flourish at all it needs exactly the same foul smelling manure that all other human undertakings reuire492 The right Business Around A Lifestyle Volume 2 profession Men seldom endure arofession if they do not believe or ersuade themselves that it is basically important than all others Women do the same with their lovers509 Everyone superior in one thing In civilized circumstances everyone feels superior to everyone else in at least one way this is the basis of the general goodwill inasmuch as everyone is someone who under certain conditions can be of help and need therefore feel no shame in someone who under Certain Conditions Can Be conditions can be help and need therefore feel no shame in himself to be helped537 Value of a rofession A How Music Can Make You Better (Motivational book, Neuroscience book) profession makes us thoughtless therein lies its greatest blessing For it is a bulwark behind which we are allowed to withdraw when ualms and worries of a general kind attack us599 The age of arrogance The trueeriod of arrogance for talented men comes between their twenty sixth and thirtieth year it is the time of first ripeness with a good bit of sourness still remaining On the basis of what one feels inside himself one demands from other The Reluctant Concubine (Gemini Rising, people who see little or nothing of it respect and humility and because these are not at first forthcoming one takes vengeance with a glance an arrogant gesture or a tone of voice This a fine ear and eye will recognize in all theroducts of those years be their Ive Got You Under My Skin (Under Suspicion, poemshilosophies or aintings and music Older experienced men smile about it "and remember with emotion beautiful time of life in which one "remember with emotion beautiful time of life in which one angry at his lot of having to be so much and seem so little Later one really seems to be but the faith in being much has been lost unless one remain throughout his life vanity s hopeless foolI enjoyed aphorisms from many other sections as wellFrom 18 The first stage of logic is judgment whose essence consists as the best logicians have determined in belief All belief is based on the feeling of leasure or Peaches and the Baby Mama (A Peaches Donnelly Mystery, pain in relation to the feeling subject A new third feeling as the result of tworeceding feelings is judgment in its lowest formFrom 70 How is it that every execution offends us than a murder Is it the coldness of the judges the 1001 Solved Engineering Fundamentals Problems painfulreparations the understanding that a man is here being used as a means to deter others For guilt is not being Haunted punished even if there were guilt guilt lies in the educators thearents the environment in us not in the murderer I am talking about the motivating circumstances87 Luke 1814 improved He who humbleth himself wants to be exalted102 Man always acts for the good We don t accuse nature of immorality when it sends us a thunderstorm and makes us wet why do we call the injurious man immoral Because in the first case we assume necessity and in the second a voluntarily governing free will But this distinction is in error Further even intentional injury is not called immoral in all circumstances without hesitating we intentionally kill a gnat for example simply because we do not like its buzz we intentionally Dovey Coe punish the criminal and do him harm torotect ourselves and society In the first case it is the individual who does harm intentionally for self Mr. Plum preservation or simply to avoid discomfort in the second case the state does the harm All morality allows the intentional infliction of harm for self defense that is when it is a matter of selfreservation But these two 7 weird ways I made money in college points of view are sufficient to explain all evil acts which menractice against other men man wants to get California Childhood pleasure or resist unpleasure in some sense it is always a matter of selfreservation Socrates and Plato are right whatever man does he always acts for the good that is in a way that seems to him good useful according to the degree of his intellect the Bones All prevailing measure of his rationalityThere are so manyassages that I underlined and that I deemed worth sharing However if I were to share all of my favorite حوالي كافه شوكا passages I might as well copy the entire book Re read Jan 26 Feb 4 2017This would not be among my top choices if I were looking through Nietzsche s works for a beach read for that I would want a copy of Zarathustra The Gay Science or Twilight of the Idols No this one I see as something you might read on the commuter train to work or during your lunch break or in that uiet that forms when thearty s over and everyone has gone homeNor do I think this book is the best introduction to Nietzsche s work A number of themes closely associated with Nietzsche s thought such as the the will to My Innocent Uncle power the genealogy of morals and even the concept of the Ubermensch emerge from his discussion in Human All Too Human but here they often appear to be in a looser and rudimentary form whereas in his later books the same concepts seem much fully thought out and effectively expressedAs with many of his other books here Nietzsche s thought might be termedost metaphysical That is in terms of his The Mens Code of Honor philosophical argumentation in Human All Too Human Nietzsche does not stoop to disproving metaphysics but assumes that it has already been disproven and that this is the case for his reader as wellIn Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche writes It has gradually become clear to me what every greathilosophy up till now has consisted of namely the confession of its originator and a species of involuntary and unconscious autobiography This seems Selected Short Stories particularly fitting with regard to Human All Too Human which as Marion Faber s introductionoints out was written while Nietzsche was breaking with Richard Wagner with Schopenhauerian Princess Victoria Melita philosophy and as he had taken up residence with a friendsychologist Paul Ree Each of these concerns are reflected in the book which includes aphorisms explicitly attacking Schopenhauer others implicitly attacking Wagner and still others in which Nietzsche comments on Ree s De l origine des sentiments moraux and on the science of sychology in genera. Gen Existenz vorzudringen Dieser geistigen Haltung entspricht das aphoristische Denken Nietzsches das starre Begriffe und Systeme meidet Die Suche nach Wahrheit geschieht im befreiten Raum der Gedanken und setzt auf die aktive Mitarbeit der Lese. Probably my favorite book by Nietzsche excluding Thus Spoke Zarathustra If you love aphorisms that ack a The Saga of the Tijuana Barbell Club (English Edition) punch then this will be right up your alley Not a laborious read like some treatisehilosophy but witty controversial elouent and brutally honest My favorite aphorism Life consists of rare individual moments of the highest significance and countless intervals in which at best the Run (Run, phantoms of those moments hover over us Love spring a beautiful melody the mountains the moon the sea they speak truly to our heart only once if they ever do in fact find speech For manyeople never experience these moments at all but are themselves intervals and Race Against Death pauses in the symphony of real life 586 So beautiful Should be studied alongside Shakespeare Breathtaking I am still not certain it is reallyossible in this culture to become or On Writing Short Stories perhaps remain a free spirit In the oppressive expectations of a world that reuires conformity for sustinence may well be a kind of caging we may never escape We must be always worried our expression of spirit is too unleashed too sexual too ethnic too loud too inspired too free for everyone who is not Nothing scarier than someone who is who and what she or he is with no apologies for it to those who are uncomfortable in their own skinsStill Nietzsche s treatise is on my must read list for all who wish to be truly human My copy was stolen before I could finish but I did get at least as far as aphorism 201 and what a gem it is I keep a copy in my workstation at all times and will transcribe it here I edited the text a little for extra venom not usually necessary with FWN201 Bad writers necessary There will always have to be bad writers for they reflect the taste of CRETINS who have needs as much as the mature do If human life were longer there would be of the individuals who have matured than of the CRETINS or at least as many But as it is the great majority ARE CRETINS which means there are always many undeveloped intellects with bad taste Moreover theseeople demand satisfaction of their needs with the greater vehemence of CRETINS and they force the existence of bad authorsDon t say it ain t so Menschliches Allzumenschliches Human All Too Human Friedrich NietzscheHuman All Too Human A Book for Free Spirits is a book by 19th century لالایی لیلی philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche originallyublished in 1878 A second An Infinity of Little Hours part Assorted Opinions and Maxims wasublished in 1879 and a third Stay Alive (Scope part The Wanderer and his Shadow followed in 1880 The book is Nietzsche s first in the aphoristic style that would come to dominate his writings discussing a variety of concepts in shortaragraphs or sayings Human All Too Human to the memory of Voltaire on the celebration of the anniversary of his death May 30 1778 Instead of a Another Fine Myth (Myth Adventures, preface the firstart originally included a uotation from Descartes s Discourse on the Method Nietzsche later republished all three Cozy parts as a two volume edition in 1886 adding areface to each volume and removing the Descartes uote as well as the dedication to Voltaire 2006 1384 476 1385 1387 9789643058476 1389 1391 1393 19 1395 470 9789643214036 1878 1872 1888 Though I really enjoyed this book and love studying the works of Nietzsche Sartre and others I m reminded of a uote recently use on the Daily Show I was once a college sopho too uoting this book or carrying it around with you on the bus on your way to work doesn t necessarily transform you into someone with deep cutting insight into our existentialist situationnor does it make you the overman Remember We all took the same PHIL 101 classes The An Almanac for the Soul people no doubtossess something that might be called an artistic need but it is small and cheap to satisfy The refuse of art is at bottom all that is reuired we should honestly admit that to ourselves Just consider for instance the kind of songs and tunes the most vigorous soundest and most naive strata of our The Wondrous Gift populace nowadays take true delight in dwelling among shepherds cowherds farmers huntsmen soldiers seamen and then supply yourself with an answer And in the small town inrecisely the homes that are the seat of those civic virtues inherited from of old do they not love indeed dote on the very worst music in any way Zero Degree produced today Whoever talks of arofound need for art of an unfilled desire for art on the Installing Footballs Wishbone T Attack part of theeople as it is is either raving or lying Nowadays it is only in exceptional men that there exists an artistic need of an exalted kind 21169Active men are generally wanting in the higher activity I mean that of the individual They are active as officials businessmen scholars that is to say as generic creatures but not as distinct individual and uniue human beings in this regard they are lazy It is the misfortune of the active that their activity is always a little irrational One ought not to ask the cash amassing banker for example what the How to Crush Social Media in Only 2 Minutes a Day: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kred, , LinkedIn purpose of his restless activity is it is irrational The active roll as the stone rolls in obedience to the stupidity of the laws of mechanics As at all times so now too men are divided into the slaves and the free for he who does not have two thirds of his day to himself is a slave let him be what he may otherwise statesman businessman official scholar 1283If someone obstinately and for a long time wants to appear something it is in the end hard for him to be anything else Therofession of almost every man even that of the artist begins with hypocrisy with an imitation from without with a copying of what is most effective He who is always wearing a mask of friendly countenance must finally acuire a Yes to Everything power over benevolent moods without which the impression of friendliness cannot be obtained and finally these acuireower over him he is benevolent 151There is one thing one has to have either a cheerful disposition by nature or a disposition made cheerful by art and knowledge 1486 Drunk with the odour of blossoms 129While there may be much talk about City of Thieves / Crypt of the Sorcerer / House of Hell / Forest of Doom (Fighting Fantasy: Reissues 1, people there is none at all about man 135No one is accountable for his deeds no one for his nature to judge is the same thing as to be unjust This also applies when the individual judges himself Theroposition as CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT AND YET HERE as daylight and yet here Image of Emeralds and Chocolate prefers to retreat into the shadows and untruth from fear of the conseuences 139One canromise actions but not "FEELINGS FOR THE LATTER ARE INVOLUNTARY HE WHO PROMISES "for the latter are involuntary He who The Clue of the Carved Ruby (Vicki Barr Flight Stewardess, promises he will always love him or always hate him or always be faithful to himromises something that does not reside in his America is Me power 158There are not a feweople The Enema Cookbook perhaps it is even mosteople who in order to maintain in themselves a sense of self respect and a certain efficiency in action are obliged to disparage and diminish in their minds all the other Taming Kat people they know 163Vanity enriches Howoor the human spirit would be without vanity 179Men are not ashamed of thinking something dirty but they are when they imagine they are credited with this dirty thought 184Socrates and Plato are right whatever man does he always does the good that is to say that which seems to him good useful according to the relative degree of his intellect the measure of his rationality 1102At the sight of a waterfall we think we see in the countless carvings twisting and breaking of the waves capriciousness and freedom of will but everything here is necessary every motion mathematically calculable So it is too in the case of human actions if one were all knowing one would be able to calculate every individual action likewise every advance in knowledge every error every Sleeping with Wolves piece of wickedness The actor himself to be sure is fixed in the illusion of free will if for one moment the wheel of the world were to stand still and there were an all knowing calculating intelligence there to make use of thisause it could narrate the future of every creature to the remotest ages and describe every track along which this wheel had yet to roll The actor s description regarding himself the assumption of free will is itself art of the mechanism it would have to compute 1106It is easier to relinuish a desire altogether than enjoy it in moderation 1139We all think that a work of art an artist is roved to be of high uality if it seizes hold on us and Chess profoundly moves us But for this to be so our own high uality in judgement and sensibility would first have to have beenroved 1161The reader and the author often fail to understand one another because the author knows his theme too well and almost finds it boring so that he dispenses with the examples and illustrations of which he knows hundreds the reader however is unfamiliar with the subject and can easily find it ill established if examples and illustrations are withheld from him 1202One can clearly observe this decline from decade to decade if one keeps an eye on the Caveman Alien's Ransom: A SciFi BBW/Alien Fated Mates Romance (Caveman Aliens Book 1) public behaviour which islainly growing and Ann Stokes plebeian 1250Why is knowledge the element of the scholar andhilosopher associated with Out There Where the Big Ships Go pleasure Firstly and above all because one here becomes conscious of one s strength for the same reason that is to say that gymnastic exercises areleasurably even when there are no spectators Secondly because in the course of acuiring knowledge one goes beyond former conceptions and their advocates and is victor over them or at least believes oneself to be Thirdly because through a new Two Stories About Kate and Kitty piece of knowledge however small we become superior to all and feel ourselves as the only ones who in this matter know aright These three causes ofleasure are the most important though there are many other subsidiary causes according to the nature of the man who acuires knowledge 1252The value of having for a time rigorously Love in Winter pursued a rigorous science does not deriverecisely from the results obtained from it for in relation to the ocean of things worth knowing these will be a mere vanishing droplet But there will eventuate an increase in energy in reasoning capacity in toughness of endurance one will have learned how to achieve an objective by the appropriate means To this extent it is invaluable with regard to everything one will afterwards do once to have been a man of science 1256Men overvalue everything big and conspicuous 1260He who has furnished his instrument with only two strings like the scholars who apart from the drive to knowledge have only an acuired religious drive cannot understand those men who are able to Deep Thoughts play on strings than two It lies in the nature of higher many stringed culture that it should always be falsely interpreted by the lower as happens for example when art is counted a disguised form of religiousness Indeedeople who are only religious understand even science as a seeking on the art of the religious feeling just as the deaf and dumb do not know what music is if it is not visible movement 1281Epictetus Seneca and Plutarch are little read now that work and industry formerly adherents of the great goddess health sometimes seem to rage like an epidemic Because time for. Nietzsches Vermächtnis das seine berühmteste Sammlung von Aphorismen auf den Punkt bringt ist der Nihilismus als lebensbejahende Kraft Er ist die Voraussetzung für die Entfaltung eines neuen und befreiten Lebens Denn nur die Zerschlagung des. ,

Thinking and uietness in thinking are lacking one no longer Dramacon, Vol. 3 ponders deviant views one contents oneself with hating them 1282We uite often encounter copies of significant men and as also in the case ofaintings most Hasta que puedas quererte solo peoplerefer the copies to the originals 1294When entering into a marriage one ought to ask oneself do you believe you are going to enjoy talking with this woman up into your old age Everything else in marriage is transitory but most of the time you are together will be devoted to conversation 1406If one sets aside the demands of custom for a moment one might very well consider whether nature and reason do not dictate that a man ought to have two marriages The Cutting Room perhaps in the following form At first at the age of twenty two he would marry a girl older than him who is intellectually and morally his superior and who can lead him through theerils of the twenties ambition hatred self contempt Muktar and the Camels passions of all kinds Later her love wouldass over wholly into the motherly and she would not merely endure it but actively encourage it if in his thirties the man should enter into an alliance with a young girl whose education he would himself take in hand For the twenties marriage is a necessary institution for the thirties a useful but not a necessary one in later life it is often harmful and romotes the spiritual retrogression of the man 1421 broadens his egoism in respect of duration and enables him seriously to ursue objectives that transcend his individual lifespan 1455That we Beauty Touched the Beast (Beauty, place value on satisfaction of vanity than on any other form of well being security accommodationleasure of all kinds is demonstrated to a ludicrous degree in the act that uite apart from any Her Final Sleep political reasons everyone desires the abolition of slavery and abominates the idea of reducingeople to this condition whereas everyone must at the same time realize that slaves live in every respect happily and in greater security than the modern worker and that the work done by slaves is very little work compared with that done by the worker One Camilla protests in the name of human dignity but that expressed simply is thatrecious vanity which feels being uneual being Earth Work publicly rated lower as the hardest lot The Cynic thinks differently because he despises honour and thus Diogenes was for a time a slave andrivate tutor 1457He who directs his Once Upon a Time passion upon causes the sciences the common weal cultural interests the arts deprives hisassion for Quick Escapesreg; From Washington, D.C., 7th people of much of its fire 1487Youngeople love what is strange and interesting regardless of whether it is true or false More mature spirits love in truth that which is strange and interesting in it Heads fully mature finally love truth also where it appears Reconstruction plain and simple and is boring to ordinaryeople they have noticed that truth is accustomed to impart its highest spiritual The Burning Land (Firebrats, possessions with an air of simplicity 1609The tone in which youngeople speak Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined praise blameoeticise displeases their elders because it is too loud and yet at the same time hollow and indistinct like a sound in a vaunt that acuires such volume through the emptiness surrounding it for most of what young Salvation people think does notroceed from the abundance of their own nature but is a resonance and echo of what has been thought said Ensnared (The Accidental Billionaires, praised and blamed in theirresence 1613Belief in truth begins with doubt as to all truths believed hitherto 2120At all times arrogance has rightly been designated the vice of the intellectual yet without the motive Ghost Towns of Texas power of this vice truth and the respect accorded to it would be miserable accommodated on this earth 2126Farce of many of the industrious Through an excess of exertion they gain for themselves time and afterwards have no idea what to do with it except to count the hours until is has expired 2147Every good book is written for a definite reader and those like him and for just this reason will be viewed unfavourably by all other readers the great majority which is why its reputation rests on a narrow basis and can be erected only slowly The mediocre and bad book is so because it tries tolease many and does Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack (English Edition) please them 21158They themselves are not educated how should they be able to educate 21181We can distinguish five grades of traveller those of the first and lowest grade are those who travel and instead of seeing are themselves seen they are as though blind next come those who actually see the world the third experience something as a conseuence of what they have seen the fourth absorb into themselves what they have experienced and bear it away with them lastly there re a few men of the highest energy whom after they have experienced and absorbed all they have seen necessarily have to body it forth again out of themselves in works and actions as soon as they have returned home It is like these five species of traveller that all men travel through the whole journey of life the lowesturely 100 Times passive the highest those who transform into action and exhaust everything they experience 21228Of him who surrenders himself to events there remains less and less 21315What significance can we then accord theress as it is now with its daily expenses diture of lung The Seduction of Samantha Kincade (Dangerous Men, power on exclaiming deafening inciting shocling is it anything than theermanent false alarm that leads ears and senses off in the wrong direction 21321The bad acuires esteem by being imitated the good loses it especially in art 21381We Virgin Territory (Volume 1) possess the conscience of an industrious age and this conscience does notermit us to bestow our best hours and mornings on art however grand and worthy this art may be "To us art counts as a leisure a recreational activity we devote to it the remnants of our time and energies "us art counts as a leisure a recreational activity we devote to it the remnants of our time and energies Little Garden Figs Little garden figs little and in addition three or four good friends these were the sensual Alopecia Areata pleasures of Epicurus 22192An excellent uotation can annihilate entireages indeed an entire book in that it warns the reader and seems to cry out to him Beware I am the jewel and around me there is lead Macross II pallid ignominious lead Every word every idea wants to dwell only in its own company that is the moral of high style 22111 There are many generalizations and sweeping judgments made about Nietzsche and hishilosophy I find such remarks next to useless For me there is only one way to approach Nietzsche read each Filth paragraph and maxim and aphorism slowly and carefully and arrive at my own conclusions after seeing how his words apply to my own life As by way of example below are several of his shorter aphorisms from this book coupled with my comments FROM CANNIBAL COUNTRY In solitude the lonely man is eaten up by himself among crowds by the many Choose which yourefer I ve spent many hours in solitude sometimes days or even weeks at a time For me solitude is Sapiens pure gold to live within to mediate to relax into the core of one s body and inner light is most refreshing a sheer joy anything but an experience of being lonely Matter of fact any feelings of loneliness uicklyoisons one s solitude If you feel lonely Materia oscura / Dark Matter perhaps it s time to slow down and take a serious account of your life AGAINST THE DISPARAGERS OF BREVITY A brief dictum may be the fruit and harvest of long reflection The reader however who is a novice in this field and has never considered the case inoint sees something embryonic in all brief dicta not without a reproachful hint to the author reuesting him not to serve up such raw and ill Articles on Horror Comics, Including prepared food I enjoy 800age novels but I also enjoy reading aphorisms The shorter the better Sometimes one two or three sentences is all that s needed to spark The Outsiders probing reflection and sincere consideration DEBAUCHERY Not joy but joylessness is the mother of debauchery I recall college drinkingarties with lots and lots of beer and hard liuor where everyone drank themselves into numbness and a drunken stupor Those memories are like a distant bad dream Fortunately it only took a Your Resume Sucks! party or two for me to realize that wasn t my scene I startedracticing yoga and meditation and have had the good fortune to experience great joy for many years as a direct result of this The Boys in the Boat practice KNOWING HOW TO WASH ONESELF CLEAN We must know how to emerge cleaner from unclean conditions and if necessary how to wash ourselves even with dirty water When I encounter ugliness whether ineople or in my surroundings I try to use such ugliness as a sting a reminder to cherish experiences of kindness and beauty THE FARCE OF MANY INDUSTRIOUS PERSONS By an excess of effort they win leisure for themselves and then they can do nothing with it but count the hours until the tale is ended I recall Joseph Campbell relating how many workaholics and Undertow professionals spend many years climbing the ladder but when they get to the top they realize they are leaning against the wrong wall From my own experience I ve had a couplerofessional careers but I ve always enjoyed weekends than weekdays I think Nietzsche hits the bulls eye here If you are at a loss when you spend time away from your work a day world ask yourself if you are really living life from your own creative and spiritual depth SIGNS FROM DREAMS What one sometimes does not know and feel accurately in waking hours whether one has a good or a bad conscience as regards some Dreaming Water person is revealed completely and unambiguously by dreams I just finished The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell where the main character recalls his life as a Nazi SS officer when he had a series of vivid horrific hellish dreams However he refused to listen carefully to what he dreams were telling him if he did herobably wouldn t have continued to engage in twisted Where Do Speedboats Sleep at Night? pervertedractices and a number of senseless murders For myself for years I ve kept a dream journal and The Third Kingdom practiced lucid dreaming Most fruitful for self discovery Since this is a review of one of Nietzsche s books Nietzsche gets the last word And since we are all readers of books here I thought this maxim most appropriate A GOOD BOOK NEEDS TIME Every good book tastes bitter when it first comes out for it has the defect of newness Moreover it suffers damage from its living author if he is well known and much talked about For all the world is accustomed to confuse the author with his work Whatever ofrofundity sweetness and brilliance the work may contain must be developed as the years go by under the case of growing then old and lastly traditional reverence Many hours must Troublemaker pass many a spider must have woven its web about the book A book is made better by good readers and clearer by good opponents The Nietzsche of his middleeriod is in my view the best before his mental breakdown There is less of the crazed olemic in this work than say in Ecce Homo Zarathustra or Twilight of the Idols although Nietzsche being Nietzsche never takes risoners in his attacks Still there is a good deal of thoughtful reflection on hilosophy culture religion family and marriage that are worth considering Allegedly Nietzsche wrote. Alten Denkens in Kunst Religion und Moral gibt dem freien Geist die Möglichkeit in ironischer Distanz zu sich und der Welt die überlieferten Illusionen zu überwinden Gott ist tot und zu den eigentlichen Werten dem besten Teil seiner diesseiti.