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Tic but no angel Anne s #LEGENDARY DISAPPEARANCE IN LONDON IS #disappearance *In London Is * London is also of the story and again Ms O Brien tells a different story than I ve read in the past and again I loved it Anne Nevill tells her own story and the prose is straightforward real and enjoyable as is the dialogue without Anne the Lancasters the Yorks sounding or playing out like a cable TV soap opera I would love it if Ms O Brien wrote the rest of Anne s story sad though it was especially if it gave us the struggles and heartbreak that fell upon Anne after Richard seized the throne in 1483 Yes I recommend this book and it s going on my read it again shelf As a fan of historical fiction I was excited to read The Virgin Widow I was even excited to find out that it was a fast fun read that was interesting throughoutO Brien lists Anne Neville as the forgotten ueen and although she might be forgotten she shouldn t beTraded back and forth like the perfect commodity Anne was two times a ueen Posed on both sides of the War of the Roses Anne was never able to choose a husband for herself Instead Anne made the only choice available to her and she decided to handle these matches obediently and patiently The Virgin Widow allows readers into the mind of traded bride and I thought O Brien developed her character wellOne area I found troubling was the relationship between Anne Neville and Richard of Gloucester If my calculations are correct then Richard and Anne were first cousins I know I know This was common practice at the time but I still found the love story between the two disturbing I was able to get past it though because Anne was such a likable characterOverall The Virgin Widow was an intriguing read that introduced me to the War of the Roses I really do like historical fiction and though this has been good it hasn t been a five star read I liked Anne She s a very good leading character in this book as the virgin widow I ve always been fascinated by the neville s daughters And Anne has always been the outstanding sister unlike Isabel To be married to 2 kings in her lifetime and be destined for the throne of England twice through her marriages has made her a very strong woman in the Plantagenet world But at the same time I feel like she has been a very misunderstood character she has been the sister that has been in the shade until Richard stood his ground and kidnapped her to give her the freedom she desiredI feel like life has always been sad despite her love for Richard and her marriage and becoming ueen of England This book has portrayed that sadness her life has always been determined to be in the path of the Plantagenet brothers by the power of her father and in some ways This has led to hers and Isabel s downfall at their hands The writing has been a little staid I felt that there was need of Emotion in the characters what they experienced and that s why I can t give it five stars Warning there be spoilers And me being an irritated history fanI ll say it upfront I did not like this book and I had several problems with itAnne Neville in this book is portrayed as courageous headstrong and determined However there were several points in the book where she was ust plain annoying and childish It s even irritating since the book is told entirely from her perspectiveAnother thing I had a problem with was Anne and Richard s marriage The book states that they obtained no papal dispensation receive official permission from the Pope in order to wed because of how closely related they were for their marriage and had their wedding at St Stephens in a private ceremony Historically the two were married at Westminster Abbey in London in July 1472I also had problems with the implications that Edward of Lancaster Anne s first husband and his mother Margaret of Anjou were incestuous I nearly threw the book against the wall at that point and almost gave up on reading but I plowed on I wanted to finish this bookThe ending of the novel was underwhelming it ends with Anne s son Edward of Middleham being born Even though Richard and Anne are crowned King and ueen in 1483 it never happens in the bookI almost threw the book against the wall again when the author stated that Anne probably died from cancer in the Reader s Guide at the end It was actually tuberculosisThe Virgin Widow is best classified as a historical romance novel with emphasis on the romance part and less on historical accuracy I d recommend it for those who enjoy historical romance but if you re looking for precise accuracy this isn t the book for yo. D's bed a virgin and she will remain so The battle for the crown of England rages and Anne's husband must fight for his cause But he is foully done to death by Richard Duke of Gloucester a man who twice before has been betrothed to Anne Anne must decide where her loyalties lie And during the reign of King Edward the wrong decision could mean dea. Ion This is the blank Anne O Brien tried to fill in writing VIRGIN WIDOW This novel is first of all a romance following the legendary love story between Anne Neville and her cousin Richard Plantagenet then it is an adventure story full of action conspiracy battles horseback ourneys dangerous crossing the Channel lots of twists and turns it is also a formation novel following Anne s growing up and turning from a very young arrogant proud girl from a powerful and privileged family to a mature determined and even stoic young woman #Finally It Is A #it is a accurate narration of historical events The narrative opens in medias res with the Nevilles and Clarence leaving The narrative opens in medias res with the Nevilles and Clarence leaving for France on exile We follow Anne Neville s memories and witness the present events through her first person narration We follow the story of her young years as the heiress and daughter of the Earl of Warwick the Kingmaker is trapped in a deadly tangle of political intrigue used by the houses of Neville York and Lancaster alike Then her fall into disgrace her struggle through the most terrible humiliating experiences both in France as the wife of Edward of Lancaster as well as in her country where she must defend herself from her own sister s and brother in law s plotRichard Plantagenet though he acts as a knight in shining armour to protect and finally wed his beloved Anne in this novel is uite a round character with his own flaws and faults uite different from the almost perfect portrayal we ve met in other novels about him Anne herself is a rather gripping character for her strength and bravery but also for her human imperfection especially in her relationship with Richard where she shows all her frailty and vulnerabilityThere are some differences of opinion among historians did Anne remain a virgin throughout her first marriage Did the birth of Anne and Richard s son s the date is uncertain suggest his conception before their marriage There is no evidence of an attraction between Anne and Richard during their upbringing at Middleham but there is no evidence it did not exist Anne O Brien works on these speculations creating a convincing plot a compulsively readable novel supported by her vivid prose and accurate knowledge of the historical background We leave Anne and Richard at the apex of their happiness Their son has ust been born they are young and both deeply in love The worst moments in the past are dark memories The

future yet unknown 
yet unknown them Alas not to us Richard smiles at me His eyes are dark with pride and love Great book fast pace never a dull moment Anne Neville is on my list of favorite ueens I prefer the outrageous and the neglected ones hence Eleanor of Auitaine and Anne Neville being way up there on the notepad Anne O Brien s story of the early life of Anne Neville or Nevill youngest daughter of celebrated earl Richard Neville of Warwick aka The Kingmaker was refreshing different and followed the historical timeline with artistic license The histories are silent regarding Richard the Third s ueen save that she was a political pawn during the Wars of Roses and she may or may not have been a childhood sweetheart of Richard We are shown Anne s life as the daughter of the second most powerful magnate in England during the early reign of Edward IV her exile as a result of her father s political blunders her betrothalmarriage to Edward of Wales son of Henry VI and yet another turn as a political pawn as Edward s younger brothers George of Clarence and Richard of Gloucester suabble over her portion of the Nevill inheritance after the death of Warwick at the Battle of BarnetMs O Brien does not give us a doe eyed suffering victim in this Anne She is compliant with her father s wishes to be sure she had no choice but she shows strength and dignity in spite of all that is thrown at her especially when she is forced to live with ueen Marguerite of Anjou and Edward and is witness to a royal household living in exile living on the brink of destruction as the ueen tries to reclaim England for her husband and son and Anne can do nothing I enjoyed Ms O Brien s portrayal of Richard duke of Gloucester who would later become King Richard the Third He is enigmatic uiet a volcano not uite ready to explode and sure of his means and methods in getting what he wants Shakespeare portrayed him as a dark sinister character and some of that legend is given to us but with interesting twists I won t spoil it for you that I thought made the well known story of Richard and Anne interesting He is sympathe. Changeable and completely controlled by his powerful mother Margaret of Anjou In a hostile impoverished court Anne finds herself at the mercy of other's whims On her wedding night the audience assembled to witness her bedding instead witnesses a royal humiliation At the point of consummation ueen Margaret forbids the act Anne went to her husban. ,

DNF after 80 pagesUgh UGH So I ust couldn t make myself *ContinueI Got Sucked * got sucked in the bookstore by the intriguing and so clich title but it ust wasn t a very good book After 80 pages pretty much NOTHING had happened and there wasn t even any good characterization or a tantalizing romance to keep me interestedOh well As for Richard he is the light of my life And I of his so he says I have so much love for these two they are my historical otp and there s so little known about their relationship Richard III is very he s the maligned king but Anne Neville known as the forgotten ueen which is very sad because I have the feeling that she was a very strong woman of the history I want to start off by saying that I hate the Tudor propaganda and I believe Richard is not guitly of half the things they say he is He might or might not have killed the Princes in the Tower I m skeptical because it was in his best interests to show the bodies like Edward showed Richard Neville s Now that I made this clear I want to say that I liked Richard s characterization in this book it was realistic though it was at times very romantic but I believe that was how Richard III was like Very loyal to his brother the king loyal and a great warrior that knew he had to take risks in order to win Anne Neville the protagonist of this book was a pawn in the War of Roses and her path was very interesting to follow I loved to see of her first marriage I wished the sisters got along at least during their childhood I have a feeling that Isabel wasn t as greedy as George was and I wish this book hadn t made her seem almost as bad as her husband I ve read some reviews of this book before I ve started it and I have to agree that the secondary characters weren t as developed as Anne and Richard but I still enjoyed the book nonetheless It s so awful to think of those times I think it wasn t a great period to be a woman considering you had to marry at 14 years old or even earlier and bear children and worry about heirs and all that Anne Neville had to struggle during her first marriage and she was very young and a bit immature as it had been shown in the book she figured out her father s plan so late but she soon developed into a stronger character and you could see that Her development and her relationship with Richard were the things I loved the most they are ust so cute together I m dying The things I didn t like about this book there were some inaccuracies view spoiler like the suggestion of an incestuous relationship between Margaret and Edward I ve read several articles on the War of Roses and I couldn t find anything on that And after I ve read that passage I googled them once again and still couldn t find anything As I see them Margaret of Anjou was a very ambitious woman and was projecting all of her ambitions on her son trying to make him king trying to make him very strong even if it meant giving him no autonomy Sometimes strong people do that to their children It happens hide spoiler I guess we should thank Phillpa Gregory for a revival in historical romance if only the hangers on had her talent I have read a slew of do I want to be a bodice ripper or do I want to pretend I have historical value novelsThis one probably falls in the middle of the pack as far as readability and historical accuracy goes I think the authors of this genre should pay attention to how the authors of historical mysteries like Margaret Frazier and Paul Doherty weave their fact and fiction More romance than historical Full review here As soon as Anne O Brien talked to me of her first book on Anne Neville VIRGIN WIDOW while we were arranging her interview for my blog wwwflyhigh by learnonlineblogspotcom to present her second historical novel ueen Defiant I wished I could read it After Sharon Key Penman s The Sunne in Splendour and Josephine Tey s The Daughter of Time I wanted to know about those events linked to the War of the Roses and to King Richard III s personal story I was curious to see those known facts from a different point of view from Anne Neville s eyes She lived for only twenty eight years and left little imprint of herself in history books so maybe this is what makes her an intriguing enigma Such a fascinating character whose personality may be freely created through imagination since other than the date of birth and death and a minimum record of the significant events in her life we know nothing about her likes temper wishes personal reactions couldn t go on ignored by historical fict. This title is about England's forgotten ueen England 1469 A daughter of Warwick the Kingmaker Anne Neville cannot dictate her own future Her marriage will be political made purely to advance her family's interests But at the age of fourteen her father's treason forces her into exile and into an uneasy betrothal with Edward of Lancaster Edward is. ,

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