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Helpmate eReason I found I related so much with the heroine and really appreciated her personality But aside from immediate and overpowering attraction forach other and Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy eventual realization ofach other s good points from other people the main couple didn t really talk to ach other about their pasts or hopes and dreams and things they ve overcome That and the abrupt nding kept this from being a full 4 But still fun read DNF at 75% I just got bored Well no doubt about it this one comes AFTER An Independent Woman I can t for a moment think AFTER An Independent

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I can t a moment think it s listed as the first in this series here in Goodreads and on Camp s own website In the previous book Eleanor and her relatively newlywed husband are introduced and they leave for Italy so that he can regain his health This one begins just after his death in Italy So it s a no brainer As I said the only uandary is why this is listed as 1As for the book itself the shift from strong independent unemotional Eleanor to a woman madly in love for the first time is a bit tricky but it s not unsuccessful The mystery is not a surprise when it is resolved although there were nough potential red herrings for one to feel smug at having guessed right Did think Eleanor and her guy were a bit long in figuring out where the list was hidden. Lish snob Despite their initial misgivings they are increasingly drawn to ach other But someone is threatening Eleanor and as the break Despite their initial misgivings they are increasingly drawn to ach other But someone is threatening Eleanor and as the break and other malicious activities begin to pile up it's Anthony who tops the list of probable suspects. .
A Dangerous Man Women and Men #2

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I am now currently reading Candace Camps A Dangerous ManThis book is about a woman named Eleanor who is WRONGLY ACCUSED OF WANTING TO MARY NEALE S NEPHEWS accused of wanting to mary Neale s nephews is about a woman named Eleanor who is wrongly accused of wanting to mary Neale s nephews When in truth she married him because of his all the pressures from his family But when he dies suddenly in a boating accident all fingers point to Eleanor as the killer of their beloved nephew and son Eleanor comes back to England to find out that someone has been following her around She is worried because she has to go read Edmund s will to his family so she can get her priorities straight So she goes to read the will and give Edmund s ashes to his family so they can put him in th Candace Camp scores a hit with this tale of Anthony and EleanorIf you like a Recency novel that has humor mystery intrigue and steamy romance this is for you It s a full length novel that will keep you ntertained from the opening sentence A nice romance the initial hostility not overdone good main characters The whiney mother is just annoying the other secondaries bland the nd however is almost farcical despite the dead bodies The book deserved better but still a good read This was a fun sexy passionate mysterious story I read this in a day so This was a fun sexy passionate mysterious story I read this in a day so was hooked to say the least It kept me ntertained the whole way Eleanor has. Eleanor has always been looked on askance as 'the bossy American' by London society the very antithesis of British virtue and propriety Now at the death of her husband she has been appointed trustee to his state and the proverbial fur is Married into a family that doesn t want to see her in She married Edmund Lord Scarborough but he is sickly and has consumption She moves him to Naples after they marry but that doesn t save him He leaves his state to his cousin and most of his money to his sister which his wife would manage His
Mother Lady Honoria Will 
Lady Honoria will none of the that So she sends her brother Lord Anthony Neale to talk to to her and get the majority of the will However Neale saw her a year ago and wa I would definitely recommend this sweat romance It is not a modern day contemporary Silvers Edge erotic piece withvery detail is not a modern day contemporary rotic piece with very detail its indiscretions finely painted There s a certain intensity about this one I Going Berserk enjoyed the story despite the fact the two leads hatedach other com plete ly until they didn t i didn t uite understand who the title was referring to in this book it certainly wasn t the hero he was known as someone not to cross but not dangerousas the title suggests the background murder story kind of sucked plus there was a lot of music jargon that i was clueless to understand 35 stars Light asy breezy read that didn t make me want to reach in and strangle any of the characters I ven came to appreciate Honeria and kept Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America expecting her to come behind the bad guys with a parasol or gun for some. Lying Infuriated her mother in law sends Lord Anthony Neale to put annd to Eleanor's nefarious gold digging waysAnthony and Eleanor clash immediately He thinks she's a siren who uses beauty to ntrap men She thinks he's a haughty cold Eng. ,
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