PDF The Impostor The Alaskan Heart Saga #1 ä Tiffany Carmouche

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Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) jOf lives and friendship of deceit and intrigue Her characters interactions draw you in and keep your interest The separate lives stories and interdependence the characters have with one another is a stunning piece of work This novel will leave you spell bound you will fall in love with some of them and learn to hate others wonderfully written and a great read Theresa Stuart This book is all about a young woman making mistakes and standing up again After escaping an abusive past Nicole tries to go to Alaska to make a better life for herself and her daughter She finds love friends AND a stalker Romance suspence Fans of contemporary or suspenceful romance need to put this on your TBR list Read the entire book today it is 1241 am and Iust finished it What a fantastic story I was holding on for dear life I have to get some sleep but starting book 2 tomorrow I guess no laundry will get done You will enjoy this book New author first novel and wow what an amazing ob Tiffany has done There wasn t a moment that I wasn t engaged with the characters or the plot I was able to read this novel in two sittings I had on planned on it being simply because I was tired and needed sleep yet on the first night of reading it I attempted to put it down but my mind won the battle I had to keep reading I simply had to discover what happened nextThe build up of mystery and tension in this suspenseful romantic novel is superbly done I found myself constantly holding my breath and nervously listening for creaks in the house There were some beautifully crafted romantic moments that had me swooning for Dylan and several moments when I shed a tear StunningThe novel flowed very well effectively creating good BALANCE OF SUSPENSE CHARACTER INTERACTION AND THE LOVELY ROMANCE of suspense character interaction the lovely romance did figure out fairly early on what was happening and made my predictions yet that didn t effect my enjoyment It simply made me want to keep reading to check to see if I was right Yes I am that reader lolThe ending Oh my Tiffany what an ending you have created I have no idea what to expect for book two other than I can not wait to read it and no doubt it will be as wonderful as The Imposter I Do Not I do not whether I should be awed by the thrilling story plot or the swooning romance Not many authors can pull through a good thriller especially something as nail biting as this one but I have to admit that every ounce of my being was spooked psychopaths are my favorites To properly start off my review The Impostor wil. Caught in a web of deception and danger She realizes someone she trusts has been stalking her Petrified she wonders how can she escape Miles of wilderness surround her She hears something Someone is there Should she cry for help or stay silentWill she be saved or will she be hunt. My Rating VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story I loved the characters and there was an interesting plot and uniue story elements there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friendPage Count 354 pagesMy Thoughts This book provided by the author for an h When a friend came to me and said Hey you should read this series I responded with I don t know I don t think I can get into it She dropped the convo Temporarily Finally after bringing it up I don t know how many times I gave into her However I ended up reading Pictures Lies and Promises first Now I m reading them from the first book to see what the heck I was missingTiffany does an amazing ob with hooking you from the first page The descriptive nature of Carmouche s w Right from the onset you feel connected to the story via the authors lovely descriptive writing you can sense the anticipation excitement of the characters which draws you into the book further The story evolves at a comfortable pace making sure that any flash backs do Not Confuse The Reader confuse the reader dropping back into the present storyline yet giving a perfect backs do not confuse the reader nicely dropping back into the present storyline yet giving a perfect meaning for the characters feelings You are given ust the right amount of insight to follow the story without giving too much away so that you are eager to read the next chapter making this a hard book to put downThe love story itself is very well written and doesn t give anything away until ust the right moments you don t feel like you can guess what is coming next with this oneI found myself so at one with the feelings of each of the main characters that my heart was beating from my chest at many points throughout The thrillersuspense aspect is fantastic I can only compare it too watching a movie where you want to shout Run Hide uick and duck yourself behind a cushion but ust can t tear yourself away I really don t want to give any of the storyline away but I can say the ending of The Impostor will make you pace the floor eager for the next instalment Holy Mother HellThis book shocked the hell out of me I am SO happy that I read itTiffany the way you write it s amazing You captivated me this entire day I did not get any work doneSo you have Nicole and Emily two girls from the east coast who want to make a better life for themselves and for Nicole s 4 year old daughter Jessica After hearing from a girl at the DMV Nicole decides to talk her best friend Emily into mo. “Alaska Who goes to Alaska” Escaping an abusive ex boyfriend Nicole a struggling young single mother convinces her best friend to travel to a place she knows little about in search of better life Nicole is scared of getting hurt again but Dylan’s chiseled body and chocol. ,

Ving to Alaska to work at a bar where they can make crazy moneyAfter missing their flight the girls are about to be stranded in the lower 48 until some sexy smooth talker helps then get a flight Sexy smooth talker
also happens to 
happens to the manager of the bar they are scheduled to work at in AlaskaNow I know what you re thinking Alaska There isn t any thing sexy about Alaska It s cold there and you can see Russia from your back yard and watch moose Well that s where you re wrong Alaska is HOTTTTT Brad I feel in love with him from the instant I met him At the bar they have a band Sweet right Dylan a member of the band CRAZY have a band Sweet right Dylan a member of the band CRAZY I m talking Christian Grey meets snow covered mountains minus the BSDM Right I knowOK moving onSo Nicole and Emily work in this bar with Sexy Smooth Talker Brad as the manager and CRAZY HOTT Dylan in the band They also have this super HOTT friend Chris he s my Alaskan Gideon who is super mysterious and I LOVE itAll is well and dandy and moving progressively until BAM There is a murderer on the loose who is looking to kill girls that look JUST LIKE NICOLE After a few months in Alaska Nicole moves her daughter to live with her in the basement apartment she rents a bar patron who she has grown comfortable with Then there are some conflicting emotions Brad of Dylan Dylan or Brad oh hell I wouldn t be able to chooseThis book has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat Sexual Tension TEUILA naieve girls killers suspense crazy abusive ex boyfriends dirty cops SEX ON A STICK I have already emailed Tiffany for BOOK 2 I need it nowCAUTION CLIFFWe totally give this book 5 our of 5 stars Buy it NOW I loved this book I think that Nicole is a very strong woman to be able to go through what she did and still have the strength to keep going and trying to make a better life for herself and her daughter She is also very strong to have been able to resist Dylan for so long lol I can definitely see why she is feeling an attraction to both men I kept hearing that there are cliffhangers in all of these books and boy what a cliffhanger lol I cannot wait to read the next one now I started the book this morning and could not put it down and I am pretty sure I will BE THE SAME WAY WITH BOOK 2 THANK YOU the same way with book 2 Thank you for writing such a great book and leaving me in suspense Good thing I already have book 2 and can dig right in I would definitely recommend reading this book O Review of THE IMPOSTER New novel by Tiffany CarmoucheThe Imposter is a well crafted web. Ate brown eyes captivate her And soon she finds herself in the arms of the sexy lead singerIn Alaska she discovers the power of friendship and true love and begins to let down her guard But is her security a facade Soon Nicole’s innocent beauty taunts a sinister man and she is.
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The Impostor The Alaskan Heart Saga #1