Venus in Love (E–book)

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Ries of unbelievable decisions and disappearances of one of the main characters It ets my three stars because it has its moments No chemistry Things just happen with no real logic behind them There is no build up I m thinking I won t end up finishing this book i just couldn t really connect book I just couldn t really connect the characters and the book was okay but it barely held my attention Could be I just wasn t in the right frame of #mind for this book when I read it wasn t #for book when I read it It wasn t but I really enjoyed this book especially the chemistry between the main characters I would have liked a prologue at the end and I based some of my feeling for the book based on seeing these characters again in the future I would love to see another book with Alex as the main character and Morgan Lee as supporting characters This would be a perfect way to Prisoner of Midnight get a look into their life after the exhibit as well has developing the friendship with theroup like Radclyffe does with most of her books If not a least a follow up short story down the road I was impressed that this was her first published book and the cover was BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. great Wasn t bad A little predictible at times but overall an okay read. A handle on life a dangerously sexy and hopelessly frustrating woman from her past appears and turns her world upside downFrom the City of Lights to the Nation’s Capital Lee and Morgan search for their place in the world of art Is that place together or will fear pride and deceit destroy what they’ve found with each othe. Y not just tossed in for the sake of having a sex scene The whole book felt very present now realI m not really sure how to explain it just like it could be happening in this place in time The descriptions were vividreat story line likable characters a solid 5 stars and one of the best romances I ve read this year Original review with Prism Book Alliance This review was made possible by receiving an advanced copy of the novel from the publisher via NetGalley and can also be found on my FarNerdy blogDiving into the lush world of Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor gallery art debut author Tina Michele s new novel finds two beautiful and young women realizing aenuine love between them that they believed never existed outside their artistic education Ainsley Lee Dencourt a young born to a wealthy Mr. Jelly's Business gallery family been cultivated to become the reigning heir to the establishment that put her father on the creative art world map Morgan Blake a young daughter of a farm raising family from the country has spent years studying her passion of the famed art of the world striving to take her place among thereat curators w Very little happens in this book and what happens is a se. Es to preserve his life’s legacyFor Morgan the only thing important than her family is art Morgan has put her heart and soul into her education and her future it’s art Morgan has put her heart and soul into her education and her future it’s ot her to Yale and to Paris She can’t allow anything "or anyone to come between her and her dreams of success So why is it that every time Morgan " anyone to come between her and her dreams of success So why is it that every time Morgan ,

Venus in LoveThere is a lot to love about this book Ainsley Lee Dencourt is one of those fabulously wealthy orgeous lesbians who has the power and the dosh to do what she wants Fortunately for us she wants to run the family art allery which leads her to employing a talented new curator Morgan Blake The fact that Lee has fantasized about Morgan since she first met her
art school is not entirely but therein lies the joy of the romance Tina Michele throws in lots of obstacles most of which are enerated by her young characters working out who they are and how they fit into the world It is lots of fun but as an artist I had trouble believing the two main charac Art Lover in the MakingThis book is very well written and fits the Bold Strokes Books brand perfectlyI am not into art really but the story moved me so much was so descriptive and sensual that I had to look up some of the artwork the author so lovingly refers to I can see how they would be inspirational The characters are believable I liked how they had realistic self doubts were not afraid to cuss when necessary and were not perfect Very refreshing The sex was yummy #and a part of the stor. Ainsley “Lee” Dencourt was born with her future #a part of the stor. Ainsley “Lee” Dencourt was born with her future out as heir of the Dencourt Gallery in Washington DC She has mastered both fine art and the art of brushing off the responsibilities of her life When the death of her father shatters her carefree world Lee is caught between her decisions and her desires as she struggl.

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