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This book Burning Nation is the seuel to Divided We Fall written by Trent Reedy In the beginning of this book Danny the main character is fighting his way through Federal Military because essentially Idaho where Danny is from seceded from the union I found this an interesting topic because it isn t not likely to happen but could very well occur in the future The story has some little holes in the plot but I overlooked them in the grand scheme of the story and continued reading Overall so far I think Mr Reedy has done a good job in giving us fully developed characters in Danny Jobell and Sweeney Sometimes I wish he would ve gave us some background information on side characters but it s alright I look forward to continuing through the series I haven t slept yet because the book is that good Burning Nation picks up where Divided We Fall left off following Danny Wright into the thick of the conflict in the uickly dissolving United States of America Based in the near future a Civil War has broken out and there seems to be no easy answers for the Fed or the StatesThings I love about Trent Reedy s writing The Micro and the Macro The story revolves around Daniel and his friends The emotional The Micro and the Macro The story revolves around Daniel and his friends The emotional and interest in the personal story hyper engaged in this second installment Yet Reedy doesn t ignore the big picture Interspersed between each chapter are segments of media footage that show the conflict and opinions on both sides The characters As with any trilogy you really get to now the characters after awhile but Reedy gives a lot of attention to their personal uirks and mannerisms doing a wonderful job of fleshing out both his male and female characters to make them real and authentic The intensity It amps Up In A Big in a big in this one You start in the war and Reedy doesn t pull any punches Staying in Danny s perspective through torture was specifically harrowing and realistic In other words it gets gritty dark and sad in places in a big way It also has plenty of action which I really loved especially the chase through the snowy wildernesson horseback and snowmobilesEmotional conflict Danny longs for better days especially at the END WHEN THINGS GET EVEN MUDDIER INSTEAD OF GETTING when things get even muddier Instead of getting of the conflict and running off with JoBell Danny fulfills his duty to the newly formed Brotherhood but risks becoming a pawn in their bigger vision Which leads to the ending and the major conundrum leading into book 3 The new government might have different values but is it better than the old one Was any of this worth it I don t Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland know if I can wait for next year to get my hands on the third book In my opinion this book is just as great as the first book in the Divided We Fall series If you read the first book and enjoyed it I strongly suggest reading this book This part of the series is mainly about the war between the United States of America and Idaho And coping with the new way of life for Danny his friends and the new nation The book still contains a great mix of love war and family but no longer has many sports or high school life Once again I strongly suggest reading this book because in my opinion it is just as good as the first one if not better Just like the first book in this series this book was amazing and was able to grab my attention very well due to the suspense created by Trent Reedy I would definitely recommend reading the first book before to make sure that you understand the plot and characters accurately Published in 2015 Burning Nation is a thriller novel that continues the adventures of Danny and his friends through the 2nd American Civil war as he further defends his home from federal controlTrent Reedy has written many other novels using hisnowledge of the military Among these is the first book in this series Divided We Fall and then also others such as Words in the Dust Reedy makes his stories very realistic and likely to happen in real life Reedy uses suspense to draw the reader into wanting to read but he also appeals to the emotions at ey times which makes the reader feel connected to the characters and events at times Characterization in this book is not very well developed but it does add on to the characte. In this wrenching seuel to DIVIDED WE FALL Danny and friends fight to defend Idaho against a Federal takeover and the ravages of a BURNING NATIONAt the end of DIVIDED WE FALL Danny Wright's beloved Idaho had been invaded by the federal government their electricity shut off their rights suspended Danny go. Burning Nation Divided We Fall #2Has their own challenges that they have to overcome The reason this book was not as good as the first was because I felt the plot was predictable The first book presented twists and turns always leading To The Unexpected

while burning nation 
Burning Nation the unexpected while Burning Nation had crazy twists The story takes place in the United States and involves multiple states accurately depicted in their real life locations The plot while unlikely could happen in real life it the states became infuriated at the government It was similar to style to the first book because it was the same author and the same series but it was also similar to the Gone series by Michael Grant in the way it creates suspenseful situations While this is a great book there are some sexual relations lots of swear words and lots of death The story s main point is that there are freedoms that cannot be taken away and there are always people that will fight for them The theme is once again is Unity among friends and nation as well as how far people are willing to go to protect their freedoms Lastly it was fairly easy to read and is perfect high schoolers because it is fun to read but there are situations that would not be appropriate for younger audiences Burning Nation the seuel to Divided We Fall steps it up a LARGE notch and nocks it out of the parkWith Idaho declaring independence from the United States to get out from under federal laws that are impeding peoples freedoms sound eerily familiar Danny finds himself a beacon of hope for the rebellion All while trying to Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays keep those he loves safeAt times the amount of stress this book caused me had me needing to walk away to catch my breath I m extremely impressed with the power that Reedy s words had over my emotions Basically when you sit down to read this one buckle up It s one helluva rideNow I have to try and be patient for the third and final installment of this very realistic and nerve wracking series this will not be reviewed by me on yadaily so my full review will be posted hereI did not expect to like this book as much as I did as seuels normally fall flat for me and I wasn t the biggest fan of Divided We Fall But as I was very invested in the structure of the government in this series I read this in order to see how things played out and was pleasantly surprised Just as in the first book the military talk really interrupted the flow of the novel So much of it I felt like I wasn t understanding simply because the terms used are not commonnowledge Many times I had to put the book down and talk the plot over with myself so that I new what was going on But despite this I enjoyed itMany ethical uestions were brought up in Burning Nation compared to Divided We Fall You got to see new and old characters join the rebellion and saw their struggles with that decision Danny s friends began to take shape and change which I loved seeing I especially loved Danny and Becca s development together and hope that will continue in the next book despite current situations In Divided We Fall it was very clear that Idaho was wrong In Burning Nation the Federal government begins to do unconstitutional things and the tides begin to turn The Federal government is allowed to do everything they did and it s terrifying to consider that this may happen one day Danny s torture was especially interesting to read It was morally wrong but technically allowed Most of this book dealt with they SHOULDN T do it but they CAN which I loved The ending was a huge shock to me and while I new the Brotherhood was not going to be a good organization I was shocked by the lengths they went to It did not surprise me that states began to secede from the Union As in the last book my absolute favorite part of this series is the news reports civilian comments propaganda etc that give you a glimpse at the way the world is responding to the situation you re reading about I loved seeing the news reports increase in severity as the situation got worse and watching the opinions of each side changeOverall I enjoyed this book and will anticipate the final installment I m very excited to see how this ends as the situation the characters are in right now has become worse than expected. Eems like a straightforward battle against governmental repression uickly grows complicated as states secede people die and Danny discovers the true nature of some of his new alliesChilling powerful and all too plausible BURNING NATION confirms Trent Reedy's place as a provocative new voice in YA fiction. Rization from Divided We Fall To understand why characters are doing or acting a certain way at times you need to read the previous book This book does elaborate to what extent the characters are being described and what personality still stays and what changed in the time of war The plot is very original due to the circumstances and situations that Danny finds himself in Since I cant spoil anything you will just have to trust me that the plot is original but also easy to predict at times There are some sucker punches in there though that you would not expect to happen For the most part it is ind of easy to predict that also adds to the suspense because you would have a go idea of what is about to happen but you are not for sue so of course you have to just read it to find outThis novel is of course like the other book in the series in the way how there is the 2nd American Civil War with a bunch of fighting and suspense but this book is also like what happened back in the first American Civil war and what could happen in present day Due to this book being so realistic there is a chance that it could get this bad again like it did back in the Frist American Civil War It gets you thinking about what could happen This book is really on a shelf of its own in the way how this book connects back to the present and the future and is also a different book for Trent Reedy in this same exact wayI would advise that there is strong language at times gory depictions and just strong emotions that could be experienced There are much blood and gore that could be offensive to younger children so I would only recommend This Book And Other book and other in this series to high school STUDENTS OR OLDER I WOULD THINK or older I would think genders would like this novel because there are parts that would satisfy both included in the novel I would recommend this book to advanced students and also possibly to history students in a way to better understand the American Civil war I can tell you that I better understand history politics and society after reading this novelI would say that the theme of this book is friendship and war but life lessons that can be found could include friendship is the most important thing in life war is a messy subject that would be best if avoided at all cost and that every event impacts a person even if they now it or not This book was read and reviewed by my co worker EmilyThe seuel to Divided We Fall Seventeen year old Daniel Wright has inadvertently started the second American civil war through his actions during a protest in his home state of Idaho during the first book This one covers the aftermath where Idaho declares itself independent from the United States and Daniel and his fellow rebels are in hiding from federal government #agentsthis book starts in the middle of a #book starts in the middle of a scene so I m led to believe it starts right after the events of the first book Daniel and co I put this on the thriller shelf as I don t have a YAJuvenile survivalist shelf Good grief this thing was sooooo young and juvenile it made my eyes and ears bleed audio version I like a good thrillerthis is not a good thrillerWe open with Idaho in rebellion losing to the Federal Fed troops Our young heroes go to get their girls before the Fed Troops get thereand our primary story teller gets a hot Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation kiss There is so muchid story telling here in what attempts to be an adult plot as to drive me crazy maybe you ll think differentlyFor now another in a recent long line of disappointing thrillersin other words unthrilling thrillers While Burning Nation the second book in the Divided We Fall trilogy by Trent Reedy it was still a great book The story continues to follow the story of Daniel Wright and his friends as tension continue to build between Idaho and the United States Throughout the story states start to rebel and eventually the ordeal escalates into another civil war Reedy uses every little detail throughout the story He ensures that everything gets explained or has a purpose during the story There are constant reminders that the characters are just high school students Even in the midst of the crazy war they still have the typical high school drama Each character. Es into hiding with his friends in order to remain free But after the state declares itself a Republic Idaho rises to fight in a second American Civil War and Danny is right in the center of the action running guerrilla missions with his fellow soldiers to break the Federal occupation Yet what at first

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