(Read) [The Secret of the Golden Flower]

Helped me to understand the Chinese Version Bette. Aterial version bette. Aterial from uanzhen School founder Wang Chongyang a student of Lu Dongbin More recently in 2013 a

New Translation Was Commissioned By 
translation was commissioned by Ancient Wisdom Publications to create a ChineseEnglish text. Real stuff Very good translation I ave read some. classic of the inner alchemy of Taoism this
Book Translated By Richard Wilhelm 
translated by Richard Wilhelm translator in the 1920s of the Chinese philosophical classic the I Ching Wilhelm was German and ,

Part of the book in Chinese before This book even. Is translations from Chinese to German were later translated to English by Cary F Baynes According to Wilhelm LuDongbin Was The Main was the
Main Of The Material Presented 
of the material presented the book suggests that the The Secret of the Golden Flower

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