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He book takes place 6 7 years African Literature 9 later after Nieve and her mother have moved to Havana and Nieve is attending an art school Her diary chronicles a difficult and uite transient feelingife despite Nieve feeling ike she is not going anywhere and everyone else is The author is also a poet which is very apparent from her writing which I have to say I very much enjoyed It s definitely not mainstream but deftly conveys Nieve

s pretty awful 
pretty awful and her constantly being ripped apart from everyone she cares about The storyline is not one that is overly gripping as I feel the book provides of sense of Nieve s mind rather than a series of events I m not sure how she did it but the author has absolutely nailed the sense of transience restlessness and feeling adrift and these feelings just flow from every word This book won t be for everyone and although it was a 375 rating for me I m rounding up to 5 as the writing itself is so good I read this in Spanish Todos se Van It was an accurate retelling of what Cubans went through during the early days of the revolution Luckily I eft in 1960 so I missed all that and was not trapped in the island ike the young protagonist Nieve "Snow a not very appropriate name she hated An intimate account of growing up in the "a not very appropriate name she hated An intimate account of growing up in the and 80s during the Cuban revolutio. H she oses those she Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery loves the most and can do nothing about itThrough her diary entries Nieve reveals the intimate details of a turbulent familyife while painting an authentic portrait of the social and political unrest in Cuba under the rule of Castro.
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Todos se van

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Wendy Guerra is the first Cuban author I "ve ever read so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it not only does she scatter Cuban artists music "ever read so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it not only does she scatter Cuban artists music in her diary but she also gives passage to wild authentic thoughts as a child always on the move with a broken family It s captivating to see her transformation through adolescence and how she tries to understand herself through her writing but also Che Guevara s influences in Cuba I felt the end was too rushed
and abrupt maybe 
abrupt maybe nevertheless an enjoyable read Made me want to discover artists from CubaPS I recommend Joauin Sabina Eclipse de mar song The book is basically a child girl s diary in the first half and a teenage girl s diary in the second part It has very short and succinct chapters that are easy to read The story itself is good nothing spectacular and majestic just a regular girl s ife in communist Cuba The Womens Political Activism in Palestine last chapters get somehowyrical and a bit erotic which worked for me A great book Beautiful book an insight of the Cuba of the revolution from the point of view of a growing girl There is a general rule of thumb that if you make it 100 your age pages into a book and you aren t captivated you should give up given that Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, life and the number of books youl be able to read in yours is finite and you shouldn t waste your time on Nieve Guerra finds herself caught between the tides of her parents’ rocky relationship and a country in the midst of a revolution Recording her daily thoughts and accounts of iving with her abusive father an alcoholic theater actor Nieve uses her diary. .
Ooks that aren t grabbing you THIS ONE ISN T IT LOOKED one isn t It ooked I enjoy "reading memoirs and autobiographical fiction by women from backgrounds different from my own I ve "memoirs and autobiographical fiction by women from backgrounds different from my own I ve read anything by Cuban authors but this was dull It didn t give any sense of scenery or history the author clearly had issues with both of her parents but even a scene where Nieve our thinly veiled protagonist finds a Word Alchemy locked room in her father s house filled with voodoo bijeria dolls of her mother skulls and a shrunken head seemed flat This isikely the fault of the translator given how popular this book was abroad but I couldn t invest another minute Moving on Interesting read about the current situation of an island whose population has been oppressed for almost six decades The first part which is expressed FROM THE POINT OF EXCELLENT BOOK AND A GREAT the point of Excellent book and a great of a child growing up in post revolution Cuba A must read and hoping that of the authors books are translated to English as Achy Obejas does a wonderful jobs in keeping the grammar correct in the translation Frickin amazing This was my read the world selection for CubaThe book is a series of diary entries by Nieve In the first part of the book Nieve is about 10 The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures living in Cienfuegos and is torn between her parent s turbulent relationship The second part of To express herself From being sent away from her mother her mother’s free spirited andoving boyfriend and her childhood city of Cienfuegos to being forced to call herself a Cuban “revolutionary Pioneer” Nieve records in honest detail a ife in whic. .

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