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Esting The core story of Thurgood Marshall s 1967 nomination to the US Supreme Court and his confirmation by the US Senate is not that long So author Wil Haygood breaks it up with chapter long digressions to recount the lives of key igures in the drama Marshall himself president lyndon baines johnson racist senators james eastland Lyndon Baines Johnson racist Senators James Eastland McClellan Sam Ervin and Strom T As a The Barbarous Years former lawyer books onamous attorneys have always captured my interest The Brethren was a classic vastly entertaining study of the interior workings of the Supreme Court Now with Will Haygood s Showdown we ind ourselves immersed in the nomination process of Thurgood Marshall To The US Supreme Court There Was Much That Enthralled the US Supreme Court There was much that enthralled about thi This one is tough Definitely wanted to read about Marshall and getting his nomination through The author defined my problem with the book in the second line of his Acknowledgements My challenge as a biographer was inding the proper Marshall story that would satisfy my nonlinear narrative hunger While I don t doubt the accuracy of the information or the dedication of the author I The New Patrol found the nonlinear narrative extremely hard to read I could never tell uite where we were as we jumped back andorth Unlocked (Forbidden Fruit, from period to period I had the urgeor a pair of scissors and paste so I could re order most of the book Finally I just decided to accept it and rearrange the information in my own head I did wonder where his editor was but decided that the editor probably gave up The primary service he rendered was giving us much of the transcript of the hearings The minute word games the opposing Senators played were really only Decipherable By Another Lawyer This by another lawyer This the moment when confirming a nominee went Pony Tails Collection (Pony Tails, from a serious duty to being a politicalootball This did as so many recent books have done show us how dedicated driven LBJ was to minorities and the poor Somehow in our anti war Garfield The Rebel fervor many of us missed what a remarkable President he was After the most recent Supreme Court nominating debacle I needed aeel good story to cleanse the palate as it were Showdown definitely did the trick Lyndon Johnson was a man with plenty of All the Rage flaws but lack of courage wasn t one of them The book does a good job of showing not just the hearing process but also serves as a biography of Marshall up to the time he joined the Court If you need a liberal pick me up this is the bookor yo. H Carolina senator Sam Ervin who tried to use his Constitutional expertise to block Marshall’s appointment; Senator James Eastland of Mississippi the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee who stated that segregation was “the law of nature the law of God”; Arkansas senator John McClellan who as a boy after Teddy Roosevelt invited Booker T Washington to dinner at the White House wrote a prize winning school essay proclaiming that Roosevelt had destroyed the integrity of the presidency; and so many others This galvanizing book makes clear that it is impossible to overestimate Thurgood Marshall’s lasting influence on the racial politics of our nation.
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Lynching of a black man on his cotton plantation and his daughter was crowned Miss Confederacy in 1956 Eastland conducted the hearings with open hostility of Marshall Marshall aced one after the other of the old Southern bulls of the Committee such as Strom Thurmond and Sam Ervin Everett Dirksen a Republican led a coalition of "SENATORS TO SUCCESSFULLY CONFIRM MARSHALL S APPOINTMENT TO THE "to successfully confirm Marshall s appointment to the CourtThe book is well written and well researched Haygood does a good job avoiding getting mired in legal jargon If you are interested in Civil Rights or the Supreme Court this is a must read or you Reading this book and listening to the current news I am struck that this book and LISTENING TO THE CURRENT NEWS I AM STRUCK THAT to the current news I am struck that has not changed its racial prejudice until now I had believed we had overcome our racial prejudice and No More Mr. Nice Guy fear of people that have different believes but current events have proved me wrong I read this as an audiobook downloadedrom Audible Dominic Hoffman did an excellent job narrating the book his accents were good except The Zom-B Chronicles for that of Robert and Edward Kennedy This is a really good look at the confirmation process of Thurgood Marshall Haygood details the players that helped and hindered Marshall s confirmation It was clear that LBJ was Marshall s champion and may have been the sole reason Marshall made it to the high court There were those that did their best to keep Marshallrom donning the big black robe Dixiecrat senators McClellan Ervin and Thurmond spearheaded by Senator James Eastland did their best to break down Marshall during the confirmation hearings and show him as unualified Eastland would postpone the hearings or Poems flat out not show up to go out on a campaign against Marshall across the south LBJ did his own campaigning to make sure the needed votes were there and convince dissenters not to vote Marshall certainly was ualifiedor the Supreme Court on his own merits but he needed that push and support How to Walk (Mindfulness Essentials, from LBJ to become theirst African American Solicitor General and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in an age of segregation and the A Sisters Secret fightor civil rightsThis is one of those books that reads like a novel Very enjoyable Haygood does go off on a Kate’s Wedding few tangents and does not always comeull circle after introducing various players in Marshall s life or cases that he might have argued They didn t seem to have a relevance to his actual confirmation however the information was inter. Ell as the politicians lawyers activists and others who shaped or desperately tried to stop the civil rights movement of the twentieth century President Lyndon Johnson; Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr whose scandals almost cost Marshall the Supreme Court judgeship; Harry and Harriette Moore the Florida NAACP workers killed by the KKK; Justice J Waties Waring a racist lawyer Flesh Wounds from South Carolina who after being appointed to theederal court became such a champion of civil rights that he was Cat Dog forced tolee the South; John Robert and Ted Kennedy; Senator Strom Thurmond the renowned racist rom South Carolina who had a secret black mistress and child; Nort. This was a A Walking Tour of the Shambles frustrating book Too much of it was either confirmation testimony offered in direct uotes with the author breaking in everyew exchanges to remind us exciting we should ind it or the kind of all The South Was Outraged And African South was outraged and all African elt a swell of pride kind of history writing that I Life Story find lazy and irritating It does offer an interesting cross section of where Washington was on race in the 60s but in a way that seemed geared toward making legends of real people rather than trusting their stories to be interesting enough on their own Changed The biography of Justice Marshall moved alongairly well before bogging down 23 through Instead of dealing with his victories and landmark decisions the author chose to An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia focus too much on suabbles leading up to his confirmation 6 of 10 stars I read this after reading The Devil in the Grove and willollow over the next Purebred (Saddle Club, few weeks with several other volumes in which Thurgood Marshall plays a crucial role What a heroicigure who in some respects The Technical Delusion fell into the historical context that propelled him into a greatness lesser men might have avoided Passionate courageous intellectuallyorceful we are better as a people The Truth About Mack for his service The citationsrom the Senate transcripts reveal how judicial philosophy could be used to sustain the ineualities of the day I was intrigued by the efforts of the old southern guard to block the nomination by an appeal to arguments that remain current Thank goodness Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West for Marshall and his continuing legacy Showdown is not a standard biography Haygoodrames the book through the confirmation Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West fight of Thurgood Marshall The author provideslashbacks to provide information of the life of Thurgood Marshall and the various Senators of the Justice Committee The suspense build and build as Marshal Ending Up faced off against a wolf pack of Southern Senators who were determined to block his nomination to the Supreme Court in July 1967 President Johnson let these white supremacist senators know he would just continue to nominate one black person after another in a showdown with the DixiecratsHistorically only a handful of Supreme Court nominees hadaced much scrutiny History Of Ripley County, Missouri from the Senate until the Marshall hearings in 1967 which changed all nominations since then The Chairman of the Judicial Committee was an unabashed white supremacist Senator James Eastland of Mississippi Eastland sather lead Thurgood Marshall brought down the separate but eual doctrine integrated schools and not only De buitensporige lotgevallen van Edgar Mint foughtor human rights and human dignity but also made them impossible to deny in the courts and in the streets In this stunning new biography award winning author Wil Haygood surpasses the emotional impact of his inspiring best seller The Butler to detail the life and career of one of the most transformative legal minds of the past one hundred years Using the Horse Race (Saddle Club, framework of the dramatic contentiousive day Senate hearing to confirm Marshall as the irst African American Supreme Court justice Haygood creates a provocative and moving look at Marshall’s life as ,