(E–pub/Pdf) Intermittent Bliss Reflections on a Long Love Affair AUTHOR Willem Lange

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Intermittent Bliss Reflections on a Long Love AffairWhat a lovely book My first thought after finishing this one was who could I give this to as a weddinganniversary gift Down to earth and heart warming to read of this special relationship We have walked many miles with Willem Lange along so many New England Trails up mountains down ravines in every season on food on cross country skis all from the comfort of our living room We are lucky to share territory with him living in VT and NH so we also have been hysically on much of the terrain and are in love with the area we have chosen to make our home It is such a delight to get to know a bit about Willem his background and in "THESE BOOKS AS THE TIT. "books as the tit. storyteller Willem Lange has collected his ruminations on relationships to create Intermittent Bliss a wry charming look at everything from love at first sight and courtship to marriage arenthood and empty nest syndrome Laced with Lange s signature trenchant wit it s a thoroughly enjoyable examination of holy. Le suggests at home with his beloved wife Their journey has been much like our own filled with ups and downs sorrows and hardship but yes that intermittent bliss shared with our artners that sees us through It is a hardship but yes that intermittent bliss shared with our artners that sees us through It is a book a touch like that of a friend which knowing his gentle manner on from PBS in "our living room we would gladly welcome him to sit with us a friend in this great journey of "living room we would gladly welcome him to sit with us a friend in this great journey of I also recommend The White Footed Mouse and John and Tom considered children s books but of course like all such genre eople s books MGBC Melissa s The Lady and the Lionheart pick Honest often funny tales of local storyteller and newspaper columnist Willem Lange s life with hi. Matrimony at its best and at its worst Heonders the nuances of marital discord bemoans the stresses of family travel and endures the trials of roughing it together in the New Hampshire woods Better still he delights in the rewards of a long and rich relationship with that one irresistible erson reflects on the me.

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S wife whom he refers to as Mother in old time New England fashion and there s an essay included in defense of this I loved learning about this
"vibrant adventurous open "
adventurous open soul who Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church performs a one man retelling of A Christmas Carol each year in Hanover This book is an assortment of short segments about the author s courtship with his wife and their many years as a married couple He effectively captures the joys and challenges of married life My only criticism is that the author refers to his wife as Mother is most of the essays Even though he includes an essay in defense of this it still seems archaic and creepy and I found it highly distractin. Aning of fidelity and trust and takes infinite joy in sharing with aartner "Life S Day To Day Triumphs And "s day to day triumphs and Lange s fans will welcome this enchanting addition to his A (kinda) Country Christmas published works and new readers will uickly realize why his sparkling iconoclastic wit has made him an admired writer and localersonality. .