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Girl has no name She could be any girl in the US For a variety of reasons she is meek and uncertain of herself she attends the same college of herself She attends the same college is friendly towards the Muslim students acting from her own experiences of feeling like an outsider She attends a few functions and when sayiid invites her to his apartment after Sayiid invites her to his apartment after gathering she goes thinking there will be others there Sayiid uickly takes advantage of the situation and rapes her The blue eyed girl is devastated and ashamed She doesn t tell anyone knowing that she d be udged for being alone with a man in his apartment From that time Sayiid becomes her stalker Ashamed and afraid she tells no one She is unable to escape his attention or seek help Even years later when they are married to others and living far from each other Sayiid contacts her mother regularly Post 911 the blue eyed girl is finally able to exact revenge and ruin Sayiid s life as a retiring diplomat The author William Goodson is a doctor whose specialty is breast cancer He s listened to many woman s stories That he understood what women told him is obvious in the book He understands that rape is not An Alien Heat just about control but also robs a woman of choices Raped women and girls areudged by their dress where and who they are with whether they drink or do drugs Our culture perpetuates the belief that rape is the woman s fault and shame The author clearly sees that truth reflecting back to the reader the rape culture we live in This is one of the best books I ve ever read If everyone read this book the world would be a better place to live in I would not have read The Blue Eyed Girl on my own but my book club scheduled it and I m conscientious This is probably one of the most explicit books I ve read in a long timeWhen Tolstoy brings Anna Karenina and Vronsky togetherthere are three dots and the subject changes Well Dr William Goodson describes things in unflinching detail He is after all a doctor The blue eyed girl in uestion was born in 1946 I was born in 1947 She went to college when I did She grew up in a world with chaperones and curfews until in the 1960s then there was James Bond and Playboy and a tectonic shift no one knew how to manage All the safeguards for sweet young things were abolished no curfew no blue laws no chaperones I remember at the time thinking that dating had become barbaric as all the old safeguards were swept away but good people would develop new sophisticated ways to manage human nature and restore a civilized way of life Well it didn t happen The blue eyed girl did not know romance or courtship or wooingsuch antiue concepts She knew violence threats emotional blackmailstalking and rape It happened all the time It still happens and even at the best universities The ladies in my book group thought she should have spoken up against the predatorwe know that the price of speaking up even today is a loss of privacy This was not my book club s most popular book But we all have either granddaughters or nieces who have to negotiate a violent dating environment and a hypocritical society I came away from the book thinking what a wonderful man Dr Goodson is to be honest. Er now For decades two lives have been entangled in the aftermath of sexual violence Now The Blue Eyed Girl sees clearly.

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The Blue Eyed GirlCompelling story of a college rape set in the 1960 s and following the yeoman characters through adulthood Excellent insights into the lingering effects of sexual assault as well as the cultural differences between Arab and Western views of women A great book club read Dr Goodson has the cultural differences between Arab and Western views of women A great book club read Dr Goodson has a humdinger The novel s powerful subject matter is contained in a compelling deeply moving story which shows with complete sensitivity the ongoing emotional conseuences of sexual assault It s a riveting tale of conflicting cultural s youthful vulnerability and courageous healing with a satisfying up beat endingThe author s insightful comments at the end of the book are so important and compassionate that they should be shared with ALL who work with these victims He explains the need for broadening our vocabulary and descriptions of what rape is He also provides discussion uestions and a list of helpful resources I received a free copy of this book through the Good Reads First Reads GiveawayThis is a disturbing realistic story of incidents in the life of an immature and helpless college student She is dehumanized by being referred to as the blue eyed girl and trapped in a situational viceThe author demonstrates brilliant insights into the thought process of some Middle Eastern men both good and bad as they respond to the West All will not be considered perfect for some readers His techniue of constantly flitting back and forth between the main characters does accomplish a feeling of confusion initially The author has a sympathetic attitude towards Planned Parenthood including their abortions Overall the book is an eye opening read When I receive a book to review in the mail I force myself not to read the back for clues leading to what the book may be about I do not want to read the summary nor the reviews I want to form my own opinions and reviews after reading the books This does not want to form my own opinions and reviews after reading the books This does not me from reading the back of the book after I have read the book myself and started to form my own opinions I recently read The Blue Eyed Girl by William Goodson WIthout any regard to what the book may be about the cover of the book instantly grabbed me as I took it out of the packaging it arrived in I was once told that there is something to be said about strong eyes piercing back into yours and as inanimate as this eye was on the front cover it pierced right through my soul Its also been said not to udge a book by its cover but uite honestly at this point all I DID WAS JUDGE I COULD TELL BY THE COVER was udge I could tell by the cover this book was going to be intense The Blue Eyed Girl by William Goodson focuses on the control of rape culture on women and how different nationalities view women in their societies It compares in America how women in the 1960 s were taught to be ashamed of having sex before marriage and if they were raped they were asking for it It then on the flipside shows how women Arabic women are kept as a trophy They are completely covered and do not have control of their sex life or their lives in general This novel although fiction depicts the evolution of rape culture in America historyHow women are viewed and how men carry a stigmatic. A senior diplomat is stripped of his privileges and abruptly recalled by his own government As his plane flies into the. ,
Trophy of innocence They say a women wanted it or convince the women that they were asking to be raped I will be honest with you This book took awhile for me to get into I often delayed reading it as I could not get into the storyline however halfway through the book the storyline However halfway through the book started to fold into the pages The author s accurate description of the American date rape culture vs the Arabic controlling hierarchy was on point with how both cultures are viewed in society As he wrote narratives for both an Arab diplomat and an American Planned Parenthood activist you could hear both characters voices come through in his writing Was this book scary to read Yes Was the hush hush of date rape eye opening Yes If you ever find yourself in a position where you are too scared to say no so you say yes that is rape Did you have too much to drink and a guy takes advantage of you You were not asking for sex you were raped Be strong women Go confidently in your women s rights This book was reviewed on behalf of a giveaway I won on Goodreadscom This book follows the lives of two characters from childhood to adulthood The male character Sayiid is a Muslim and his side of the story is told from the cultural perspective a Muslim and his side of the story is told from the cultural perspective a traditional Arab The lives of these two characters intersect is told from the cultural perspective a traditional Arab The lives of these two characters intersect their college years when Sayiid rapes the female character The novel continues to follow the lives of the two individuals revealing how the rape impacts their future relationships families careers and friendships This was a Goodreads win for me I had a difficult time getting through this book I intensely disliked the main character Sayiid and got frustrated with his sexist attitude I tried to see it through his eyes as someone from an Arab country but I m afraid my Americanism got in the way It did ade me feelings about the book though and I can t say I enjoyed it I do take some of the blame though This is not an easy book It describes a compelling experience many women can relate to The story tells of a coed in the American Midwest who becomes a victim of an Arab student beginning in the 1960s She is very afraid of him but she does whatever she can to keep him from destroying her education Although he follows the cultural norms of his country he still stalks the girl now a woman Her college experience impacts her whole life This is not a uick or easy read and the repercussions will haunt you I d like to think young women are better protected today but the headlines belie that presumption Women who have experienced rape will certainly understand the feelings and empathize with this young woman The book starts with the narrative by a Muslim youth who in the 1960s is studying at an American College with the goal of learning about the country and creating ties for future business between the countries He is also a predator in training Contrasting the Muslim beliefs about women with the beginnings of the sexual revolution in America could easily have ended with an indictment of all things Muslim It does not Sayiid the predator contrasts with his friend Wahiib who attempts to understand the very alien ways of the country he is living in The blue eyed. Night he is shocked that the woman has destroyed his life But why after so many years What difference could it make to