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Will not see in my lifetime what I would like seeI *Think That S Why *that s why have never actually valued making a ton of money in my I value purpose and obs where we can try to chip away at the ineuality that exists in teh worldThere s nothing entrepreneurial than the immigrant experience because you give up everything because you are forging a world that you can t see yet that you can only imagineWhat an honor that is to not have to The Art and Making of The Expanse just be seen as White by physicality For so many of our kids here so many kids in all communities they have never had the opportunity to trust White people That s the truth Some kidsust need someone to be able to see for a second or to Insurgence just take a breath of what they re breathing because lifeust can be so heavyMy advice to young girls of color Stand in your truth Be brave Sometimes these experiences happen to us because only through them would we be reuired to find teh voice within us I would have loved to have known what would ve happened if I d spoken up of gotten out of the car By excusing it I perpetuated it but I had an opportunity to be brave And that bravery doesn t mean to be combative either It s not to be like Im going to pick a fight It s to ask uestions Why did you say that What did you mean by that What makes you feel that this is okay To actually be present for the possibility for change This book with 1 2 page profiles of an amazing diversity of people across the United States had moments of great interest and would be worthwhile to read in snippets I admire the project but think I would have been a better audience for a book that had fewer stories extensively told I deeply appreciated the photographs that accompanied each profile they were gorgeous and brought the rich variety of our country s population to life Tell Me Who You Are is an eye opening experience by Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi There is a background to this work but it mainly has to do with the authors asking uestions after a tragedy that happened I don t remember which one it was but these two young women are from Princeton New Jersey I don t know much about New Jersey in terms of racism or anything like that so I don t really know their experiences with this ideaAs for myself I am a white male born and raised in Milwaukee WI I identify as male I am heterosexual and I have Schizoid Personality Disorder which is a form of schizophrenia It developed when I was in college which is something I did not complete I never considered myself privileged but as a white male I guess I had some advantages that I never noticed I don t usually come out with this because it makes me somewhat uncomfortable but hey this is who I amThe book concerns racism discrimination and bias in all forms Starting in Alaska the authors travel across the United States discussing issues with people who would answer their uestions They talk to all sorts mainly with people who don t insult them or put them in danger which is good They talked to a man whose father or grandfather was in the KKK They talked to someone whose mother personally knew Martin Luther King Jr They talk to people who don t consider Hawaii to be part of the United States They talk to people who have Bipolar Disorder It is uite fascinating to readThe main book is composed of a number of interviews with over 100 people The book contains full color photos that show the person being interviewed along with little factoids about that person A lot of the people that answered their uestions had lived on multiple continents some people love skydiving or want to try it a lot of people like Beyonce and so on While the book isn t really organized from coast to coast it is still a book that pulls you into the narrativeAt the end of the day our blood is red we are all the same species and we all deserve respect This is the case regardless of our skin color sexual orientation or mental and physical abilities Priya and Winona take a year off before college to travel around the US collect racial narratives from every state tie them to sociological terms stats and trends and assemble these into a timely important attractive story book Be present to the possibility of change In Tell Me Who You Are Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo do exactly that tell us who they are how they have come to thinking so carefully so deeply about race and how they want to create change From Alaska to Florida they visit all fifty of these United States to talk to people about their experiences of race and the intersections of identity in America This book is at once hopeful raw and brimming with curiosity engagement and youthful energy Through the conversations these women have with people from all walks of life we see that the key to any kind of progress begins with letting people tell us who they are If you want to have richer fruitful discussions about race gender all the things that comprise our identities this book will give you a necessary vocabulary All you have to do is turn the page. Towards negating racial ineuity in our culture Featuring interviews with over 150 Americans accompanied by their photographs this intimate toolkit also offers a deep examination of the seeds of racism and strategies for effecting changeThis groundbreaking book will inspire readers to oin Guo and Vulchi in imagining an America in which we can fully understand and appreciate who we ar. .
This means that people from 3 different continents cannot share an ethnicity I couldn t get over how many people different continents cannot share an ethnicity I couldn t get over how many people the authors are still using that stale phrase in a modern day context I wish they d stop Also not a race Hispanic and Latino They are ethnicities and are often used effectively to erase non Spanish speaking Black and Indigenous Latinos The same thing with religion Yes muslim is an identity but it s not a race or ethnicity Again using the word muslim to depict a race or ethnicity rather than a religion and subculture erases Black and all non ArabAsian muslims who don t get to ignore their racial identity for a religious one So any factual interjection that doesn t include the whole story isn t all that factual Also when it *Comes To Religion Leaving Out The Critical *to religion leaving out the critical and voices of those who left creates a fractured picture Many women who follow Islam think being forced to or rewarded for covering all or most of their bodies is male patriarchy Real choice is when I can say no to the male created status uostandard and not fear for my physical safety or receive damaging conseuences Language and naming are so powerful That s why I don t buy into ust taking what I was givenstatus uo White supremacy capitalism and male patriarchy without much reflection I appreciated the random history that the authors inserted every so often Yet I wondered why they sometimes used them to reinforce inaccurate information like the Lynch letter White people are so worried about being uncomfortable for one moment while we re uncomfotable all the time You really do get exhausted talking about thisThe oppressed shouldn t have to do it all The oppressor needs to help out White people need to talk to other White people about what is what Y all gotta teach each other like right nowLet s respect the earth and let s respect each other Let s not take any fake crap from the history books and let s start telling the truth What even is an Indian The term was invented by English colonizers to homogenize hundreds of tribes with different economies systems of government languages and religionsButler opened our minds to the fact that Civil Rights Movement reuired a man to be effective If a Black woman had taken charge she would have been dismissed Racial identity was not the only identity that mattered Who we fully are is never exclusively about race When the two of us think about our own identities being Chinese American and Indian American always comes to mind first We think about how when we first Norse Mythology joined a local anti racist organization every single person in the room was Black or White The unspoken uestion was Why as an Asian American do you even care about race We think about how we feel like intermediaries closely acuainted with both oppression and privilege how both White people and people of color we interview will end their storytelling with you know what I mean as though we could somehow understand both their experiences We think about how perhaps we wouldn t be so readily trusted if we were Black or Latinx or White But what if we were older or fat or transI noticed that kids on reservations don t come to school because they re embarrassed that they don t have shoes to wear And I notice that some kids have really bad shoes but at least they have shoes Euality is a truck showing up and giving out only size 8 Nikes Euity is a truck that shows up and has a size shoe that fits everybody That way everyone can walk around In other words euity acknowledges ineualities Euity focuses on theust and fair distrubution of resources and access to opportunities The problem was coming in as a foreigner or White person and assuming that you deserve an authentic experience It slike huh why is there this feeling in White people that they belong everywhere Meanwhile I feel like I can t belong anywhereThere s so many people that are hurt and broken by the past We can t directly heal anybody but hopefully by sharing our stories people will think about it or be inspiedAsian American communities plow through our struggles This mentality causes us to continue to work even if we are breaking down turning down our emotions or neglecting our physical health because we tell ourselves we re not successful yetHip hop is so inclusive and it s not about aggression or fighting back or backlash for the social struggles we go through it s all about love and life and even the unity of similar community conditions faced within the African and Latinx and Asian American communitiesFrom a young age I was always navigating these hyphenated hybrid identities that made me feel like I was an anthroplogistIn a way it distanced me from my own self I can observe the cultures that Ia m part of without fully being recognized as of those cultures It s a lifetime ourney to figure out where I fit in the worldMy expectations are of being able to savor the changes that take place not to be complacent about it not to make myself crazy about it because Eferred college admission for a year to collect first person accounts of how racism plays out in this country every day and often in unexpected waysIn Tell Me Who You Are Guo and Vulchi reveal the lines that separate us based on race or other perceived differences and how telling our stories and listening deeply to the stories of others are the first and most crucial steps we can take. Audiobook was not the right format for this *book which is essentially a bunch of stories collected across the nation from people speaking about race The *which is essentially a bunch of stories collected across the nation from people speaking about race The didn t come thru read by the same narrator although they are still a powerful example to the ways in which people express their identity understand the concept of race and racism and engage with the two Asian American women at the helm Definitely a good primer for talking about euity and anti racism carefully defining key vocabulary slang and historical REFERENCES THEOUGHOUT I HAD REALLY HIGH HOPES FOR THIS theoughout I had really high hopes for this I have been looking forward to reading it for a long time The introduction concept and general idea behind the book is VERY impressive for two students between high school and college They are clearly incredibly intelligent and meant book is VERY impressive for two students between high school and college They are clearly incredibly intelligent and meant great things Unfortunately I found the book itself a bit repetitive and too long The book is made up of short introductions of MANY individuals around the country With only 2 4 pages per person and little connection between the individuals I found it repetitive I uickly skimmed the last half of the book and did not feel like I missed muchI do look forward to either of these authors future books This book was a terrible one Yet it is the sort of terrible book that is instructive in discussing the authors views of race and identity Such a book is worse than useless harmful even but even in a case like this one the skilled reader can find something of worth in this book namely the understanding that identity is highly weaponized in contemporary culture and that the only identities that are acceptable to leftists are either those identities that have become deeply tied to victim ideologies which this book demonstrates in many cases and a great many levels or those identities that serve as a sign that someone is an ally of various subaltern groups that seek to become viewed as cultural elites Indeed the most important diversities of this book are not included as there are no conservatives here no even moderate white men and none of that religious diversity that includes those who take their religion and its moral principles seriously That tells you all you need to know about how skewed and how misguided a book this one isThis particular book which is about the right weight to club someone over the head with is over 350 pages and is divided into ten chapters The book begins with an introduction After this the authors opine that race impacts everything 1 and that the past is the present 2 so that no historical wrongs can be forgiven or forgotten After that the author talks about the richness of faux diversity 3 as well as the way that even our best friends are strangers in some fashion 4 There is a discussion of the way that words matter 5 and that people need to stop fighting among themselves 6 among the coalition of subaltern groups that the authors want to encourage There is a risible suggestion that everyone is normal except those who are actually normal in statistical terms 7 as well as a recognition that diversity is not the goal 8 but rather cultural control Finally there are chapters on the search for healing 9 as well as the call to leftist identity activism 10 after which the book concludes with suggestions on how people can share their story as well as acknowledgements sources an index and some notes about the authorsThis book was not a oy to read at all The authors made sure to include a great deal of coded language to clue in readers as to their worldview and books like this are likely used by many people to convince themselves or try to convince others that they have an understanding of what diversity involves Yet the diversity included here is only ideology deep So you have a lot of women a lot of various kinds of Asians and Pacific Islanders and various tribal or mixed identities There are a lot of so called gender minorities or sexual minorities included here The authors have done the reader a service in showing all of the kinds of people whose identity and whose views they accept and if you do not find yourself included here you can rest assured that in the eyes of the racialist authors and others of their ilk that your perspective does not matter and your identity does not count for anything When person after person in this guide talks about how they reject and look down on their conservative relatives especially parents this book is a reminder that the hypocrisy and double standards and insufferable arrogance of leftists is alive and well when it comes to identity politics The authors interjections of facts failed to challenge the conflation and confusion of race and ethnicity they perpetuated it Listening to that was akin to nails on a chalkboard for me African American is not a race or a very effective label for an ethnic group seeing as how diverse people from 3 continents are ust thrown in together in the US definition Especially since ethnicity is about geography and culture. An eye opening exploration of race in America In this deeply inspiring book Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi recount their experiences talking to people from all walks of life about race and identity on a cross country tour of America Spurred by the realization that they had nearly completed high school without hearing any substantive discussion about racism in school the two young women Tell Me Who You Are Sharing Our Stories of Race Culture Identity